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Interiorinstyle's sister brand BoscoBear

Thursday, March 26, 2009

While interiorinstyle caters to adults, our sister brand, BoscoBear is a leader in removable room art amongst the younger generation.

BoscoBear’s Wall Decal range has over 200 designs, catering for infants, toddlers and older children. Our most popular removable room art ranges include Cuddly Toys – Pastel Blue, Butterflies – Pink and Dinosaurs – Little Explorers
However, BoscoBear is not just limited to room art. BoscoBear removable Growth Charts are a perfect addition to any child’s room. Popular growth chart designs include the Jungle Giraffe and Fairy design.

BoscoBear’s Alphabet wall decals are designed to stimulate and engage a child’s inquisitive nature. Coming in a range of colours including Blue & Pink, and various themes including Jungle Fever and Outer
Space, these Alphabet letters are perfect way to help children’s with their ABC’s. You can also build names, phrases and quotes by buying the letter wall stickers individually.

BoscoBear also offers a great ranger of Personalised Labels and Stickers, an essential for all young children. Stick them to books, pencil cases, drink bottles and clothes and these BoscoBear personalised labels ensure that your child’s belonging don’t go missing at school or daycare.
Our labels are printed on durable vinyl and are water and dishwasher safe.

For more information on BoscoBear products or to have a look please visit

Thanks, from the BoscoBear Team

Welcome Domayne

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2mdc would like to announce that Domayne, the furniture and homewares specialist, now stocks an extensive range of BoscoBear and Interiorinstyle product.

Some of the wall decal items now stocked in Domayne include Birdcages, Vibe Retro Dots, Lynch Chair, Black Cats, Butterflies - Pastel and Transport – Boats Afloat.

These popular items are sure to inspire the decorator in everyone. The wall art kits are printed on removable materials, and are simple to install and remove when you like.

Check out a Domayne Store near you. We look forward to this partnership introducing more home and office decorators to the growing removable room art trend.


The team @ interiorinstlyle

interiorinstyle decorates Real Living with Wall Art

At the end of 2008 leading interiors magazine Real Living moved into their new offices in recently renovated ACP Building in Sydney CBD. With freshly painted white walls, the office was screaming for a bit of love and who better to bring a splash of colour than interiorinstyle?

Lead by the creative know how of Craig and Lou, the walls were transformed into a scene of colourful and intricate flowers. The Real Living team selected the Free Form Dandelions room art kit in the vibrant colour combination of red, orange and pink. The wall decals were installed along the eastern wall of the office, and soon became the talking point of the team.

The Real Living team are renowned for setting trends in their fabulous magazine, and now in their office too! The Free From Dandelions wall decal kit has now become one of our most popular items in the interiorinstyle range.

We’d like thank the team at Real Living for inviting us to install our wall décor and hope that it brings a little sunshine to their day!

For more great room decorating ideas and to view the entire interiorinstyle wall sticker range, visit

The team @ interiorinstyle

Unique Decorating Tips with interiorinstyle

interiorinstyle Birdcages are a great decorating idea for teenage girls rooms. They provide a great way to express creativity and look beautiful on bedroom walls. Placing them on painted walls is a great way to give your room a distinct look. A customer has shown a great example of how she has used interiorinstyle Birdcages on her unique red and white striped wall (see image below).

There is a large range of wall decals for kids rooms, teenagers rooms, homes and offices on our website, many of which look fantastic on coloured and pattern walls. You can see the entire removable room art range at

The interiorinstyle Team

interiorinstyle wall stickers a hit @ Life Instyle

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feburary marked a busy month for interiorinstyle. Whilst not only responding to an overwhelming level of interest in interiorinstyle products, we were all busily preparing for the Life InStyle trade show. Held from Thursday 19th of February until Monday the 23rd, the trade show enabled us to showcase a wide range of interiorinstyle wall sticker designs.

Many long days and nights were put in
by all to ensure the show proved to be a success. Our wall décor design was well received by fellow exhibitors, designers, stylists, the media and our peers within the industry.

The most popular wall decals were Birdcages, Swallows, Free Form Dandelions, Chandeliers and Tree of Seasons.
Our sister company, BoscoBear was also prominent at the Kids Instyle trade show, exhibiting their large range of children’s wall decals, growth charts and party invitations.

Be sure to visit our website to view our range of colourful and contemporary range of removable wall stickers and designs at

The team @ interiorinstyle

Welcome to interiorinstyle

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Next Generation of Interior Design

Whether you demand the latest in style, love to update your living environment as trends and seasons change, or you’re restricted by renting, interiorinstyle is the latest modern and affordable solution.

Personalise your living or working environments (inside and out) with professionally designed removable wall art. From contemporary to traditional, our range satisfies all tastes and transforms any environment into a desirable urban space.

You install and remove when you want or reposition if you make a mistake, confident you won’t damage your walls or leave behind messy residue.
Create an interior designer look without destroying your walls or your pocket.

If you want to keep posted, please follow this blog usign the "followers" button or subscribe via RSS feed to receive information about new post, product releases, media pr and more!

The interiorinstyle team.