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Monday, August 23, 2010

Domayne has great decorating ideas. Sydney decorators may have recognised interiorinstyle Linear Wallpaper wall stickers as part of room decoration in Domayne's advertising brochure August 15 Sunday Telegraph. interiorinstyle's Linear Wallpaper wall sticker is an instant injection of colour into a room. A great decorating idea for busy decorators who want affordable, easy to apply wall decoration that adds colour to a room. Great for decorators who like to have wall decoration that matches their accessories such as cushions, lamps, chairs and rugs.

Add instant 'WOW' to your wall decoration.
Interiorinstyle's Linear Wallpaper wall sticker has the answer. The array of colours offers various colour choices for accessories. Domayne has chosen to use interiorinstyle Linear Wallpaper multi-coloured and greys with red accessories. Great for teenage room decoration.

Looks good as wall decoration in bathrooms and sitting rooms. Use colour to create a mood.
As Bathroom decoration. A Linear Wallpaper wall sticker looks good in a bathroom where you can change the colour of the towels each week to match a colour in the stripes.

Lounge room and family room decoration
Great in areas where you want to kick back and relax. Accessorise with colours that create a mood. Blue for peaceful reflection and Green for relaxation and rest.Check out Dulux for decorating with colour ideas.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Your excellent customer service is much appreciated." Shabnam ordered Pastel Butterflies wall stickers. There was a difficulty with delivery outside of interiorinstyle's control.
 "Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for dealing with my issue regarding delivery. I was very impressed by the quick response and resolution especially in light of the fact that it was not even your error. Your excellent customer service is much appreciated." Sincerely, Shabnam
interiorinstyle values good customer service. At interiorinstyle,we are committed to providing our customers with quality product and a happy purchasing experience. Thanks Shabnam for your good customer service complement. We are always pleased to have feedback from our customers. Equally, if our service does not meet your expectation, please let us know.

The Pastel Butterflies wall sticker kit, ordered by Shabnam is from interiorinstyle kids wall stickers.
Butterflies wall stickers are also available as Pink, Blue, Multi Coloured and Pink Brown.


Friday, August 13, 2010

More great ideas from Savvy Shopper in Melbourne's Sunday Age. M Magazine. 8 August. Once again Savvy Shopper in Melbourne's Sunday Age M Magazine has caught my eye. This time stylist Heather Nette King has highlighted the popularity of cup cakes and treated her readers to a wonderful array of tiered dispay platters.

"Right now, cakes are enjoying an elevated status........Stack them two or three high to add drama and elegance to your table".

Chandeliers add style.
Above the display hangs an elegant chandelier. The one in the pictured is described as a vintage five-arm crystal chandelier from Vintage Living. $650.

A decorating solution for renters.
If you are you are a renter, you may be limited by what you can do to add style to your décor. If a chandelier is not part of your décor then you probably won't be able to install one. interiorinstyle has the solution. Add an interiorinstyle Chandelier wall sticker as a decorative feature to your wall.
interiorinstyle Chandelier wall stickers come in two sizes.
There are four coloured wall stickers: black, silver, white and red.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Decorating Parisian Apartment Style.
On a recent trip to Paris we visited friends who were living in a beautiful Apartment. The building was part of a typical Parisian street scape, complete with grey stone buildings, wrought iron balconies, pots of  red geraniums and a Patisserie at the end of the street. Inside, the apartment featured  high ceilings, tall windows and a feeling of much history.

 My observations to pass on to decorators who would like to capture some elements of French styling, Parisian Apartment Style, in their décor were several.
  • Large vintage style mirrors were everywhere, catching the activity and reflecting the furnishings of the room.
  • There were numerous clocks on display.Not all the clocks worked but they looked good.
  • The walls were alive with pictures and posters of Paris and its landmarks, especially the Eiffel Tower.
  • Much of the furniture was painted black or grey with high lights of gold. The furniture looked well used but not shabby. The term is 'shabby chic'. 
  • Elegant chairs covered in richly coloured fabric were placed about the room. As were small tables displaying ornaments and items of personal interest.
  • There were beautiful chandeliers in the dining room and the sitting room.
  • Vintage candelabra, silk cushions, porcelain figurines and fresh flowers caught my eye.
  • The floors were painted boards with large rugs.
  • The window coverings included a mixture of materials.   The main bedroom reflected the intimacy of the room with drapes that included valances, braiding, silk cording and tassels. 
  • The colour palette was white with coloured feature walls in some of the rooms such as the study, accentuating a more personal space.
  •  Black and gold were used as accent colours for pictures on the wall and for the accessories in the room.

How to get this Parisian Apartment decorating look?
This style of decorating would be rewarding but may challenge the budget.
Here are some decorating ideas that will make such a decorating project easier.
  • The interiorinstyle Eiffel Tower wall sticker in Black or Gold on a feature wall offers an affordable solution to the theme of using Parisian landmarks as wall decoration.  
  • Other Parisian landmarks available from interiorinstyle as wall stickers include the Parisian Skyline and the Moulin Windmill.  Add a whimsical touch with the Parisian ladies walking their French poodle from the Paris about Town wall stickers.
  • Chandeliers are very expensive. Capture the elegance of a chandelier with interiorinstyle's Chandelier wall sticker. You will find this a much more affordable option.
  • interiorinstyle have a Parisian styled  Giant Antique Clock wall sticker with includes a working clock.
  • Be daring, add a Dressed Mannequin wall decal as bedroom decoration.
  • The Parisian Chair wall sticker adds a touch of style to a small space.
  • interiorinstyle's Vogue Wallpaper wall sticker is a rich blend of gold and black. Above a bed or used as a feature decoration in a sitting area, the blend of colours will evoke a feeling of French opulence as seen in the great salons of Versailles.

A glimpse of Parisian style.
This was my personal glimpse of Parisian Apartment style. Unfortunately I did not take photos at the time of my visit. As a guest, it would not have been appropriate. I have however found reference to a similar styled apartment on the net. Decorators who may be interested in the Parisian Apartment style  of decorating can follow the link. I have included photos from this site to illustrate the style of my friends' Parisian apartment which was very much like this one featured by NY decorator Claudia in her blog article. Enjoy looking at the photos and soaking up the Parisian Apartment decorating style. Thank Claudia for sharing these beatiful images on your blog.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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interiorinstyle's best sellers.
Have a look at interiorinstyle's best sellers. Select a wall sticker kit that is just right for your décor.

Birdcages wall stckers are very popular.
Dolly and Notebook have featured our birdcages wall stickers.

interiorinstyle invites you to creat 'my space - my style' with our wall stickers. Create living spaces you will be pleased to come home to.