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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dulux Colour Awards 2010
interiorinstyle Birdcages and Free Form Dandelions wall stickers were seen by guests as part of the decoration for the the Dulux Colour Awards 2010 evening held in March. The photos show how good the interiorinstyle Birdcages and Free Form Dandelions wall stickers look and how they can add style to wall decoration.

"When the world is your canvas"
For 24 years these Dulux Colour Awards have celebrated achievements in the Australian design industry. In 2010 the theme was “When the world is your canvas.”
interiorinstyle was very pleased to provide wall decoration for this event.

Birdcages and Free Form Dandelions are used to create wall Murals
These two wall sticker designs are great favourites with  DIY home decorators who are wanting an interior designer look for their home decor. They are easily found in the Shop by Theme section of the interiorinstyle online shop. Both the Birdcages wall sticker kit and the Free Form Dandelion wall sticker kit are used to create wall Murals. interior instyle wall Mural kits contain one large sheet of wall stickers which are then cut into the wall sticker elements and arranged on the wall in a personalised wall Mural. The great advantage of decorating with wall stickes is that evey wall Mural is different, according to personal arrangement and artistic composition.

Wall stickers as samples for guests.
Guests at the Dulux Colour Award 2010 evening were able to sample interiorinstyle’s wall stickers as each sample bag included an interiorinstyle birdcage.

A thankyou from Bianca, Couture Communications & Events to interiorinstyle on behalf of Dulux.
"On behalf of Dulux and Couture I would like to sincerely thank you for your wonderful contribution to the 2010 Dulux Colour Awards Event.Everybody LOVED the decal installation and were simply thrilled when they realised that they got one to take home!!"


Friday, April 23, 2010

Moulin Windmill by night. No trip to Paris is complete without a view of the famous Moulin Windmill by night. The crowds lined up for the late night session of music and dance at the Moulin Rouge entertainment theatre is testemonial to its popularity. Part of the attraction is the romance of
turn-of-the-century France, still present in the club's decor.

Moulin Rouge (Red Mill).
Built in the late 1800's Moulin Rouge (Red Mill), became the home of the can-can when it became a dance hall in the 1900s. The high kicking routines continue today in glittering reviews. Moulin Rouge is a major tourist attraction for toutists from all over the world, offering a dazzling night out.

Moulin Rouge the movie.
The 2001 Oscar winning Baz Luhrmann movie staring Nicole Kidman and Ewin McGregor told the story of star crossed lovers Christian and Satine.The movie Moulin Rouge was a box office hit

The Moulin Windmill wall sticker.
The Moulin Windmill wall sticker looks great in a home theatre or TV room. It stands 1600mm x 1050mm and comes in 10 colours; black, white, burgundy,woodgrain, orange, gentian blue, grass green, lime green, red and light blue. Decorate with colour and style using an interiorinstyle Moulin Windmill wall sticker. interiorinstyle designers designed the Moulin Windmill for travellers who have experienced the excitement of a night out  in Paris at Moulin Rouge. Capture your memories with this eye-catching wall decal.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's Day 9th May
The count down is on. Looking for something special this year. Something that will really surprise Mum on her special day.

interiorinstyle has five ideas from the interiorinstyle online gift shop.
Eat Drink Enjoy:              It's his turn in the kitchen.
Cherry Blossom:              Let Mum sleep instyle.
Triple Time:                     Special time for Mum.
Free Form Dandelions:    Flowers that last the entire year.
Eiffel Tower:                    Bring Paris home for Mum.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The interiorinstyle design team loves Paris.
It was an easy assignment to design a collection of Parisian inspired wall stickers for home decorators who wish to add a touch of Paris to their décor.

Paris by day and Paris by night is stunning. Such an amazing city full of elegance and history.
By day, stroll beside the Seine, walk along the Avenue des Champs- Elysees, climb the Arc de Triomphe and lunch at a French café.
By night, take an open air sightseeing bus to view the famous monuments and buildings bathed in a spectacular light display. View the Eiffel Tower light show from the Arc de Triomphe for an unforgetable memory of Paris.

Thanks to interioirinstyle you can bring Paris home.
Eiffel Tower
Add a touch of style to your walls with interiorinstyle’s popular Eiffel Tower wall decal.
Designed for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, the Eiffel Tower is now the cities most famous landmark.
The interiorinstyle Eiffel Tower wall decal kit is available in two sizes and six colours, black, white, silver, gold, lime and white.
Paris Skyline
Come home to Paris each night. Decorate a feature wall with interiorinstyle’s Parisian skyline in silhouette . This wall art kit features French monuments and landmarks. The Parisian Skyline wall graphic is available in five colours; black, white, burgundy, silver and gold.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

How do you celebrate Autumn? Autumn is one of interiroinstyle’s favourite seasons.
You may like to share some comments with interiorinstyle followers on our facebook site.

Add a splash of Autumn toning to your décor.
• Fill your vases with Autumn toned cut flowers.
• Be different. Decorate a feature wall with interiorinstyle’s wall decals. Look for orange Retro Dots or our orange Athey ChairFree Form Dandelions and the Autumn Tree of Seasons.
• Scatter some cushions to pick up the Autumn colours across your couches.
• Spice up your kitchen with some Autumn inspired tea towels.

Autumn is the time to enjoy. Plan your Autumn activities.
Gone are the long hot summer days and all those wonderful summer outdoor activities. Now is the time to plan for the cooler Autumn days.
• Catch up on the summer movies now on video. The ones you were too busy to see during summer.
• Take a drive in the country to see the Autumn landscapes. You may find a quaint bed & breakfast, country style restaurant and check out a winery or two.The Bright Autumn Festival, (Victoria), will be held 25th April until 5th May.
• Visit your local nursery to get some Autumn gardening ideas. Spend time in the garden to put these ideas into place.
• Join a gym or take up a new sport
• Enroll in a short course at a TAFE.
• Stock up on good books to read.
• Check out new film releases.

Autumn is the time for warmer clothes.
• Check out the style magazines, the online and store catalogues to see what will be worn this season.
• Review your wardrobe. Refresh your favourites and bag up your pass-ons for the Salvos.
• Choose jewellery and make up in Autumn tones.
• Ask your hairdresser to add a touch of chestnut or auburn highlights to your hair.
• Buy a nice new silk scarf to dress up a favourite sweater.

Autumn is the time to start thinking about eating, drinking and enjoying.
• Explore your surrounds. Find a new restaurant offering something different.
• Serve your family new season fruit and veggies; apples, pears, figs, persimmons, baby brussels sprouts, golden pumpkins, zucchinis and mushrooms.
• Try a new wine, perhaps a rose, chardonnay or a viognier.
• Try out a new Autumn inspired recipe using pumpkins, sweet potato and carrots.