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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hat Stand wallsticker.                              Domayne have great decorating ideas for home decorators who enjoy style. Melbourne decorators may have recognised interiorinstyle's Hat Stand  wallsticker as part of the room decoration in Domayne's 'Get the Look Get the Value' brochure. Domayne have added a black interiorinstyle Hat Stand wall sticker as wall decoration. For this room setting, Domayne have used a blue and grey colour palett with a touch of plum.  

Gold Peacock wall sticker.
The Gold Peacock has been used by Domayne as wall decoration for their Melbourne 'Winter Homewares' brochure. The Gold Peacock is a stylish addition to bedroom décor. Domayne have use red bedding which looks good with gold. The walls have been painted in green and grey. 

A stylish addition to room décor.
interiorinstyle wall sticker decoration is great for busy decorators who want affordable, easy to apply wall decoration that adds style to a room. Great for decorators who like to have wall decoration that matches their accessories such as bedspreads, cushions, chairs and rugs.

Enjoy creating "my space, my style " with stylish wall decals
from interiorinstyle.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paris about Town wall decals.  Decorating ideas for adding a touch of Parisian style to your wall decor. 
Create a French inspired wall sticker Mural or a French Hang with Paris about Town wall stickers. These lovely ladies add charm to a bedroom wall or a whimsical touch to a special area. interiorinstyle's elegantly drawn ladies in silhouette add style when decorating a room.

Create a French Hang.
French Hang is a popular way to display a mix of framed prints and photos on a feature wall as a personalised mini gallery. In her book Home Love, stylist Megan Morton gives home decorators tips on how to adapt  the French Hang style of display to personalise a room. She encourages home decorators to take the French Hang art of display and adapt it to what works in their space. Have fun experimenting with Paris about Town and
The Parisian Skyline wall stickers. Make a mini gallery of these French inspired wall stickers either placed on sealed canvases or in frames. Try it out and see if it works for your space.

Create a Wall Mural.
If you are looking for a simpler decorating idea, then try a Wall Mural by sticking the wall stickers straight onto the wall. Arrange the decals in a personalised arrangement to suit your style and your space..You may prefer a collage or a placement in a line across the wall. The Parisian Skyline wall stickers also look good as a Wall Mural.

Paris about Town wall decals. Fashionable wall dressings.
Paris about Town wall stickers are particularly popular with decorators who enjoy fashion through the ages. These wall decal ladies are dressed in calf length, small waisted, full skirted Day Dresses of the 1950s. A fashion style that originated in Paris. There is a poodle to accompany them on their promenade along the Champs Elysees. Tucked in their clutch bag is a perfume sprayer. Other wall stickers include a metro sign and an antique Parisian street lamp. Notable Parisian monuments passed by on their afternoon strolls include The Panthéon,Colonne de Jullliet, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and  Vendome Column . J'adore Paris is included as a nice touch.

Paris about Town wall stickers are popular as store decoration.  Retailers have  purchased interiorinstyle's Paris about Town wall decals and used them as decoration for their stores. French restaurants and Fashion boutiques have shown particular interest in the wall stickers. The fashionable ladies wall sticker designs are well received as wall decoration. They add a whimsical touch to the retail outlets.

Colour options for interiorinstyle's Paris about Town wall decals.
The interiorinstyle designers have designed Paris about Town wall stickers in black, white, gold, silver and red. If you prefer another decorating colour, contact interiorinstyle's Custom Design at or call 1300 1STYLE.

Where can home decorators buy an interiorinstyle Paris about Town wall sticker?
Paris about Town wall stickers can be purchased online in the interiorinstyle online shop.
The Paris Skyline is also available . The French Poodle is available as a blackboard wall sticker.

Delivery. When ordering online at interiorinstyle select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen.
Standard Australia Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method . Postage to an address outside Australia is available.

Enjoy creating "my space, my style " with French inspired wall decals
from interiorinstyle. From Lyn & interiorinstyle.



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

interiorinstyle's Parisian Christmas Tree.
The Parisian Christmas Tree wall decal is a stylish addition to Christmas decorating. interiorinstyle designers have provided Christmas decorators with something very special for their Christmas décor. This wall sticker Christmas Tree is simply stunning. The Parisian Christmas Tree wall decal gives home decorators the opportunity to continue the decorating trend of all things French, into the Festive Season.

Individual snowflakes and a tree base.
This beautiful Christmas tree is a series of intricate and  individual snowflakes. Look closely at the tree to distinguish the snowflakes which have been placed in a Christmas Tree shape. How many patterned snowflakes can you count? Each snowflake is beautifully drawn. The tree base is  shaped in the style of French metalwork.

The Parisian Christmas Tree is easy to assemble.
Each snowflake is a peel and stick wall sticker. Just peel off the backing sheet and place on the wall in an arrangement that resembles the outline of the Christmas Tree. When the Festive season is over then the wall sticker can be easily removed.

Colour options.
 interiorinstyle designers have provided four colour options for this beautiful wall decal.
The Parisian Christmas Tree wall sticker is available in Black & Silver, Black & Gold, Reds & White and Black & White.

Do something different this Christmas. Decorate for the feative season with an interiorinstyle Parisian Christmas Tree wall decal.

Enjoy creating  "my space, my style" for Christmas 2010. Best wishes from interiorinstyle.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Transparent Snowflakes.  Red, Green & White.
The perfect Christmas decoration for windows and glass doors. Dress up windows for Christmas with interiorinstyle's Transparent Snowflake Christmas stickers.

Transparent snowflake Christmas stickers are designed to add Christmas colour and style to windows and doors. The pattern is two sided. When applied to windows or glass doors, the colour and design can be seen from inside and from outside. Share Christmas cheer with friends and neighbours while enjoying the same Christmas cheer from inside your own space.

 interiorinstyle's Transparent Snowflake Christmas sticker kit contains three sheets of decorative Christmas decals. These stylised snowflakes add charm to Christmas decor.The delicate designs are a must for this special time of the year. Great for home, office and retail spaces.

The Transparent Snowflake wall sticker kit contains three sheets of decorative Christmas decals.
Transparent Snowflake Christmas decorations offer great value!  They are easy to apply and look great when arranged to spell out Merry Christmas. As a Christmas decoration, these Christmas stickers look good in the entry area to welcome guests. They particularly add style to living areas during the Festive Season.
interiorinstyle Transparent Snowflakes. Sheet one of stylised snowflakes. Colour- Blue & White. 

interiorinstyle Transparent Snowflakes. Sheet two of stylised snowflakes. Colour- Blue & White.

interiorinstyle Transparent Snowflakes. Sheet three of stylised snowflakes. Colour- Blue & White.

 Transparent Snowflake decals are also available at interiorinstyle's BoscoBear.
BoscoBear sells Transparent Snowflake Christmas window stickers as one sheet or as three sheets. Check out the expanded colour range. Great value.  BoscoBear Christmas window decals are available in the traditional Christmas colours of reds, green & white. For Christmas decorators who require varied colour choice to suit their decor, BoscoBear designers have included decorative colours. There is a colour combination to suit everyone, and every decor.

Colour Options: Red, Green & White, Blue & White, Candy, Brown, Teal & Greens, Pewter

Enjoy Christmas decorating with BoscoBear and interiorinstyle wall stickers.

Purchase on line at BoscoBear or interiorinstyle. Quick delivery assured.
Christmas decorating ideas from the interiorinstyle team.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Add a touch of Parisian Apartment Styling to your décor with black, gold or white.
If you have been inspired to add some Parisian Apartment styling to your wall decoration but can't afford it or haven't got the time to go shopping for it, then you may be interested in interiorinstyle's Parisian inspired wall sticker collection. Be creative and add some instant 'WOW' to your walls. Wall decals offer home decorators the opportunity to experiment with decorating ideas you may have read about in Home Beautiful or Real Living magazines. Play around with decorating ideas to create 'your own style in your own space'.

interiorinstyle has an extensive range of French Provincial and Parisian inspired wall stickers.
I have put together a gallery of Parisian inspired wall stickers for home decorators. I have focused on the colours black, gold and white. The Parisian range of wall stickers is also available in other colours. These include red, burgundy, pink, blue, yellow, lime and woodgrain. There is something for everyone and every room

Be daring, add a dressed mannequin wall sticker to your bedroom decoration.
The featured dressed mannequin has been popular as a decoration for bedrooms and walk in robes.

Paris Skyline wall stickers. Decorate a feature wall with the notable Parisian monuments.
Chandelier wall sticker.. Capture the elegance of a chandelier with interiorinstyle's Chandelier
Birdcages wall stickers. Decorate a wall with these beautiful and elegant shapes.
Peacock wall stickers. A big, bold colour statement on a feature wall.
The Parisian Chair wall sticker adds a touch of style to a small space.
Eiffel Tower wall stickers. Bring Paris home. Decorate a feature wall with this masterpiece.
Hatstand wall sticker. Hang your beret or your scarf on this Hatstand which includes a hook.
Mannequin wall sticker. Add hooks and use as a hanger for scarves and pashminas.

Vogue Wallpaper wall stickers. Reminiscent of French opulence as seen in the great salons of Versailles.

Carousel Horse wall sticker. Come ride the Carousel Horse.
Where can I buy interiorinstyle Gold wall sticker?
Online in the interiorinstyle online home decorator shop. Domayne has a selection of gold wall stickers.

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If you would like to have your own idea made up as a wall sticker then contact interiorinstyle at  or call 1300 1STYLE

When ordering online at interiorinstyle select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen.
Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method . Overseas shipping available.

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle wall stickers. Lyn from interiorinstyle.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In July interiorinstyle's Eiffel Tower wall sticker was offered to LifeStyle You Try it You Rate it reviewers. Reviwers have given a 5/5 star rating.
 LifeStyle You's comment, "your product was a complete hit with our viewers. -Here is some of the amazing commentary".

Reviews as posted on the LifeStyle You review page.

Karen21, Miranda NSW This is such a great idea...transforms a dull plain wall into a very modern and chic focal point. I'm already looking for more designs to change the look and feel of my home without having to go to the expense of re-decorating every room. A must for every home needing a new look!   RATING 5 stars


Dasha, Curl Curl NSW I love my new Eifell Tower wall sticker.I looks great on white wall and it has been a talking point for all our visitors.
It was surprisingly easy to apply on the wall and it is great that you can easily remove it anytime without damaging the paint. Kids would definitely like the choice of stickers on the interiorinstyle website for their rooms. Great affordable decoration ideas which make your house more fun.  
RATING 5 star.


Grace 45, Rostrevor SA This product is fantasic!!!! Its is easy to install and the test strip really helps to give you peace of mind about any damage to you walls!  I was able to put the Gorgeous silholette up on my wall, on my own! It wasn't fiddle or difficult! It adds a artist look to my lounge room wall without without the drama of putting in holes for hooks! I will definately consider getting another peace for the master bedroom in our home!!! Love it!  RATING  5 stars


Interiorinstye's Eiffel Tower wall sticker.
Bring a touch of Paris to your décor interiorinstyle's Eiffel Tower wall decal can be purchased at the interiorinstyle online home decorators store. There are six colour options; black, white, gold, silver, lime and yellow.If you like to decorate with red, it is also available by contacting interiorinstyle's custom design service.  

Check out how easy it is to apply an Eiffel Tower wall sticker to a wall.
Easy as installation instructions for interiorinstyle's Eiffel Tower wall sticker

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle. Lyn from interiorinstyle.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eiffel Tower in gold.
 Add a touch of French Styling to your décor. Decorate with the colour gold.
Decorators who want to add a touch of  French styling to their décor can do so by decorating with the colour gold. Gold is the traditional colour much admired and used by  French Royalty. Burnished gilt touches accentuate carvings on traditional French furniture and ornate architectural room fittings. Paintings were hung in gold frames. France’s Versailles is testament to this. As home decorators, we are not able to use the precious metal, but we can capture some style by adding  gold wall decoration to our décor.  

The colour gold adds warmth and glamour when decorating rooms.
When used as wall decoration, the colour gold adds warmth and a touch of glamour to a room’s décor. Gold evokes a feeling of prestige, symbolising wealth and beauty. Museums around the word hang their paintings in gold frames.

Decorating ideas for the colour gold.
Gold coloured wall decorations are best used to decorate a more formal space, perhaps a dining room or formal lounge. Colours that work well with gold are the royal colours, purple, burgundy and emerald green. However anything goes and what looks good and feels good is good. It is all up to personal style. Your space, your style.

Gold is one of interiorinstyle's favourite colours.
interiorinstyle's wall stickers look so elegant and stylish in gold. interiorinstyle's style research is indicating that there is a growing trend to use the colour gold as wall decoration. interiorinstyle designers have designed a series of wall stickers that look good in gold. SAVVY SHOPPER recently gave Melbourne Age readers some great tips on decorating with the colour gold.

The Gold Eiffel Tower (above), looks amazing. This intricate design catches the eye as a decorating feature on a formal lounge room, bedroom or dining room wall.

Gold and Black Vogue wallpaper, Gold Peacock, Gold Mannequin and Gold Hat Stand add a touch of glamour to a room's décor.

 The wall quote, Eat Drink and Enjoy and  Paris Skyline also available in gold.
The very elegant Gold Parisian Chair is great as wall decoration for a space that needs something but does not have the depth for a piece of furniture. It is great for a walk-through area such as a passage or the landing at the top of the stairs.

Where can you buy interiorinstyle Gold wall sticker?
Online in the interiorinstyle online shop. Domayne has a selection of gold wall stickers.

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If you would like to have your own idea made up as a gold wall sticker then contact interiorinstyle at
or call 1300 1STYLE

When ordering online at interiorinstyle select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen.
Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work  days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method .

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle's wall stickers. Lyn