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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

interiorinstyle a "best in Websites"
interiorinstyle is proud to be listed by My Child as a “best in Websites.”
My Child writes “With so many websites to explore on the internet it can be hard to know where to begin!”

My Child voted interiorinstyle as providing heaps of ideas for SMART INTERIORS.
interiorinstyle has plenty of decorating ideas for kids, as well as their mums and dads. The interiorinstyle team of designers take great pride in designing wall decals and removable room art that is really special. interiorinstyle has designs that look stunning on kids bedroom and play room walls. interiorinstyle wall art is not just for kids. For mums and dads there is removable room art for every room of the house.

interiorinstyle has an easy to use website.
interiorinstyle has an easy to use website that groups their wall decals into
best sellers, into rooms, into themes, and into kids wall stickers.  interiorinstyle removable room art is definitely worth a look. There is something for everyone.

Create your own personal style with interiorinstyle room art.
Be inspired by the range of wall art interiorinstyle has on offer. Create your own interior decorating style that is unique and personal.

Buy online at 
Log on to and check out why My Child discribes interiorinstyle removable room art as a provider of ideas for SMART INTERIORS


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Freebies Blog - featured interiorinstyle's Valentine's Day removable room art promotion.
The wall decal messages were a great hit. Everyone loved the Love wall decal, the Lust wall decal, the Friendship wall decal and the Kisses wall decal.

Freebies Blog found interiorinstyle room art very easy to apply. 
"The Removable Room Art from Interiorinstyle arrived today. ... it was very easy to stick on and remove, no mess or residue at all."  Freebies blog features the friendship wall decal. Check out their website to see how great the wall sticker looks on a cupboard.

Comments posted on the Freebie website. The free wall decals were very well received.
Rebecca said: I got the “lust” and the “kisses” wall art

Tina Le said: I got friendship too. It’s so cute.

Michelle said: Got mine!

Laura said: I got mine but am unsure on how to apply it to my wall?!?!

Kelly said: I got “kisses” on Monday.

Teresa said: Hi Laura, Just take the backing paper off, leaving the wall art only stuck to one piece of paper, then apply it to the wall. Press it firmly, then gently take of the remaining piece of paper.

Karls said: got mine too : “love” & it’s bigger than i expected. thanks!

Leanne said: I got mine and fast too. I ordered the love one. Much bigger than I thought it would be. Very cute

Laura said: oh okay thanks Teresa I shall c how i go~

lesley11 said: I got mine, i put kisses on my bf wall, he loves it

If you like the free removable room art message log on to interiorinstyle's removable room art website to see the full range of affordable wall art. There is something for every one. Creare your own wall graphic to suit your decorating style. Transform your living space into something very personal. All your friends will love your style.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sadly interiorinstyle will not be exhibiting at the Life Instyle trade show this year. The interiorinstyle team is just too busy! Thanks to all our retail and wholesale clients. 2009 was such a big year and 2010 promises to be even bigger.

2009 saw the launch of the interiorinstyle website at interiorinstyle which has exceeded all expectations. (check out the look book section for the current ranges, as the creative team have cleverly put each range into an online catalogue)

Activities to keep the interiorinstyle team busy included:
• the establishment of interiorinstyle’s own factory,
• expansion of the kids brand boscobear
• launch of kidsstickups.
• and custom designs for a great range of retail clients including - Lindt Chocolates, Domayne and City Chic Fashion Retailer

This February, the interiorinstyle design team is working on the Autumn/Winter 2010 to be released in April. The range will include stunning new designs, a new decal medium and the latest popular colours in European décor.

Thanks to all the stylists and journalists who follow interiorinstyle and regularly feature wall decals from the interiorinstyle range in their magazines. Keep an eye on interiorinstyle for the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. There will be plenty to write about.

Although interiorinstyle will not be exhibiting at the Life Instyle Trade Show, trade enquiries re stocking interiorinstyle Wall Stickers and Removable Room Art will be most welcome.

Contact Us  1300 1STYLE or email


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Domayne included interiorinstyle wall stickers in the cash back offer featured in this catalogue.

 These interiorinstyle wall stickers are available at Domayne.
and at the interiorinstyle online store
Check them out today.

Wall stickers add colour and style to living spaces.
Easy to apply. Very affordable.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The style tree........... bringing you all the current trends in lifestyle, fashion, home, shopping, design and keeping you intouch with all thing

 This is what The StyleTree has to say amout interiorinstyle.

"Interiorinstyle have a vast selection of very stylish removable wall art available online and in stores across Australia.

These high quality wall stickers (also know as wall art, wall stencils etc) are a great way to decorate your room on budget and all without having to make holes or damage the wall surface.

There is a huge range to choose from, wall art for the dining room, kitchen, kids rooms, lounge room, office and bedroom".

Dani Rosen,editor for the style tree notes that interiorinstyle also create wall stickers on request.

To find out more visit ♥


Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Design for home decorators.
Melbourne Kitchen+ Bathroom Design. The Trend Issue, Issue 5, February 2010, This issue is a must for kitchen and bathroom decorators who are upgrading their kitchen or creating an entirely new bathroom. Kate Milton, Editorial Assistant, has highlighted wall decals in her article,
It’s Personal. Pg 240. Kate invites decorators to “add personality to your interiors with the wall decal revival..
Your’re My Wonderwall. Pg 243. Kate features trendy, easy and affordable wall decals and invites readers to “transform your walls with these decorative product ideas”.

Wall Decals in the kitchen and bathroom.
What are wall decals? Wall decals are also known as wall stickers, wall graphics, wall art, wall stencils, and wall murals. Decals are easy to apply adhesive prints printed onto thin vinyl. The decals are designed to look like pictures painted onto the wall. Arrange the decal elements into a personal arrangement and then just stick the sticky side onto a clean surface. Each interiorinstyle decal kit provides easy to follow directions so you can create our own masterpiece.
Wall decals are easy to apply and so affordable.
When interviewed by Kate Milton, Nadia Briganti, creative director of interiorinstyle,
out lines her ideas on decorating with wall decals. Nadia says “australians love wall decals because of how easy and affordable they are.

Nadia believes that popular TV shows such as Masterchef have made people want to make kitchens and bathrooms more inhabitable and inviting. The use of wall decals can help people make their kitchen spaces more inspiring. Hence Nadia has designed Kitchen Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils and Eat Drink and Enjoy to do just that.
Wall Decals ideal for bathroom and kitchen glass and tiles.
Nadia describes the kitchen and bathroom as two areas where decals work really well.
The surfaces found in these two rooms, like tiles and glass, are perfect for applying decals.

Have fun spicing up your bathroom.
Make brushing teeth fun for your children, with goldfish decals or frogs on your bathroom tiles. Let your children choose their own decals. They may want to set up an under the sea wonderland with interiorinstyle’s under the sea wall decals .Once your children grow out of their chosen wall decals, you just take them down and choose new ones. The good news is, they won’t hurt your pockets or your walls. Everyone is happy.

Thanks Melbourne Kitchen+ Bathroom for sharing the trend of wall decals with your readers who have an interest in kitchen and bathroom decoration.
 interiorinstyle sells wall decals online.
Check out the huge range of wall decals. There are wall decal designs for all the rooms in the house.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check out the interiorinstyle products featured on  You're My Wonderwall.

Goldfish -Stylised Lilly Pad
 interiorinstyle's Stylised Lilly Pad is stylish wall art kit, great for a bathroom or wet area. Our Stylised Lilly Pad wall sticker kit is available in four colour combinations, burgundy, greens, black and white.

interiorinstyle's Stylised Lilly Pad wall stickers come as a peel and stick kit. It is easy to apply and will produce fantastic room decorating results. The largest goldfish is approximately 500mm x 450mm

interiorinstyle's Chandelier Large wall stickers are one of our most popular designs and has been featured in many leading Australian and international home design magazines. interiorinstyle's chandelier is available in four colour combinations, black, red , white and silver.

interiorinstyle's Chandelier Large wall stickers come as an applique kit (similar to a transfer process on to your walls). Included in the kit are clear installation instructions for fantastic room decorating results.
The Chandelier Large is 841mm x 594mm.

interiorinstyle’s kitchen cutlery wall art are a perfect addition to any kitchen. Suitable for both the home and office, the kitchen cutlery removable room art is a perfect decorating solution as it adds some spark to a kitchen environment.

The largest piece of cutlery (knife) is 460mm x 60mm
interiorinstyle's cutlery is available in ten colour combinations, black, white, burgundy, woodgrain, orange, gentian blue, grass green, lime, green ,red  and light blue.

Eat Drink Enjoy
interiorinstyle's eat drink enjoy wall sticker is a great way to decorate any wall in a kitchen or dining room.. A perfect room decorating solution, this stylish quote will add life to any  living environment.

Eat Drink Enjoy is 800mm x 1029mm.   interiorinstyle's eat drink enjoy is available in five colour combinations, black, white, silver, gold, and red

Kitchen Utensils
interiorinstyle’s kitchen utensils wall art are a perfect addition to any kitchen. Suitable for both the home and office, the kitchen cutlery removable room art is a perfect decorating solution as it adds some spark to a kitchen environment.

The largest utensil (egg flip) is 460mm x 95mm. interiorinstyle's  kitchen utensils are available in ten colour combinations, black, white, burgundy, woodgrain, orange, gentian blue, grass green, lime, green ,red and light blue.

Be inspired by the many choices interiorinstyle has to offer so you can create living spaces that are unique and personal.


Melbourne Kitchen+ Bathroom design magazine reviews decorating with wall decals

 Kate Milton investigates the wall decal movement and has come up with loads of reasons why you should decorate your living spaces with wall decals. All indications are that home decorators are embracing the concept. Decorating with wall decals has become a huge trend that is becoming even more popular.

“The trend is huge right now,” says Kate, “people are enjoying the opportunity to decorate their walls in a way that is unique to their personality.”

What are wall decals?
Wall decals are made of adhesive vinyl. The image is printed on to the vinyl and when applied to the wall, the wall stickers look as though they have been painted. Hence the term wall art, wall murals and wall graphics can be used to describe wall decals. Wall decals are also known as wall stencils.

Why have wall decals become the latest trend in home decoration?
interiorinstyle believes Kate has captured the essence of wall decals as a home decorating medium and agrees with her reasons as to why wall decals have become so popular.

Personalise your kitchen and bathrooms.
As the article says “It’s personal.” Wall decals allow you to choose something that inspires you. How you then arrange it on the wall of the room you wish to decorate reflects your personality, giving you the living space that fits with you.

No professional help needed. Easy DIY
"Wall decals are so easy to apply you don’t need professional help.” It only takes a few hours to transform a room. Just follow interiorinstyle’s easy to follow instructions.

“Decals are so simple, low in price and complement any environment." “Decorating and personalising your kitchen and bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive.” Interiorinstyle have lots of options for less than $100.00.

Easy to remove for update or replacement.
Wall decals are not only easy to apply they are easy to remove and depending on how intricate the pattern, easy to reposition. When tastes change they can be easily removed and replaced with an update. The wall stickers will not damage the walls.

No special artistic talent required
“Wall decals allow you to embrace your inner artist without investing in time or the talent, which is a bonus for those of us who are busy or ahem lacking in artistic ability.”

Variety and endless possibilities
Kate notes that “Decals come in a variety of different prints, style and colours so there is something to suit everyone” This variety leads to endless possibilities. It may be favoured quotes in the kitchen, setting up a kids underwater wonderland in the bathroom or Parisian flair in the lounge room.

What Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design has said about the
 interiorinstyle website
interiorinstyle “ have an easy to use website, even grouping their decals into rooms. This website is for all ages, and your kids will find things they love here too. Definitely worth a look.”

You’re my Wonderwall
Be inspired by the many choices interiorinstyle has to offer so you can create something unique and personal.
Buy online to create your own You’re my Wonderwall.