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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Design for home decorators.
Melbourne Kitchen+ Bathroom Design. The Trend Issue, Issue 5, February 2010, This issue is a must for kitchen and bathroom decorators who are upgrading their kitchen or creating an entirely new bathroom. Kate Milton, Editorial Assistant, has highlighted wall decals in her article,
It’s Personal. Pg 240. Kate invites decorators to “add personality to your interiors with the wall decal revival..
Your’re My Wonderwall. Pg 243. Kate features trendy, easy and affordable wall decals and invites readers to “transform your walls with these decorative product ideas”.

Wall Decals in the kitchen and bathroom.
What are wall decals? Wall decals are also known as wall stickers, wall graphics, wall art, wall stencils, and wall murals. Decals are easy to apply adhesive prints printed onto thin vinyl. The decals are designed to look like pictures painted onto the wall. Arrange the decal elements into a personal arrangement and then just stick the sticky side onto a clean surface. Each interiorinstyle decal kit provides easy to follow directions so you can create our own masterpiece.
Wall decals are easy to apply and so affordable.
When interviewed by Kate Milton, Nadia Briganti, creative director of interiorinstyle,
out lines her ideas on decorating with wall decals. Nadia says “australians love wall decals because of how easy and affordable they are.

Nadia believes that popular TV shows such as Masterchef have made people want to make kitchens and bathrooms more inhabitable and inviting. The use of wall decals can help people make their kitchen spaces more inspiring. Hence Nadia has designed Kitchen Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils and Eat Drink and Enjoy to do just that.
Wall Decals ideal for bathroom and kitchen glass and tiles.
Nadia describes the kitchen and bathroom as two areas where decals work really well.
The surfaces found in these two rooms, like tiles and glass, are perfect for applying decals.

Have fun spicing up your bathroom.
Make brushing teeth fun for your children, with goldfish decals or frogs on your bathroom tiles. Let your children choose their own decals. They may want to set up an under the sea wonderland with interiorinstyle’s under the sea wall decals .Once your children grow out of their chosen wall decals, you just take them down and choose new ones. The good news is, they won’t hurt your pockets or your walls. Everyone is happy.

Thanks Melbourne Kitchen+ Bathroom for sharing the trend of wall decals with your readers who have an interest in kitchen and bathroom decoration.
 interiorinstyle sells wall decals online.
Check out the huge range of wall decals. There are wall decal designs for all the rooms in the house.