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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Freebies Blog - featured interiorinstyle's Valentine's Day removable room art promotion.
The wall decal messages were a great hit. Everyone loved the Love wall decal, the Lust wall decal, the Friendship wall decal and the Kisses wall decal.

Freebies Blog found interiorinstyle room art very easy to apply. 
"The Removable Room Art from Interiorinstyle arrived today. ... it was very easy to stick on and remove, no mess or residue at all."  Freebies blog features the friendship wall decal. Check out their website to see how great the wall sticker looks on a cupboard.

Comments posted on the Freebie website. The free wall decals were very well received.
Rebecca said: I got the “lust” and the “kisses” wall art

Tina Le said: I got friendship too. It’s so cute.

Michelle said: Got mine!

Laura said: I got mine but am unsure on how to apply it to my wall?!?!

Kelly said: I got “kisses” on Monday.

Teresa said: Hi Laura, Just take the backing paper off, leaving the wall art only stuck to one piece of paper, then apply it to the wall. Press it firmly, then gently take of the remaining piece of paper.

Karls said: got mine too : “love” & it’s bigger than i expected. thanks!

Leanne said: I got mine and fast too. I ordered the love one. Much bigger than I thought it would be. Very cute

Laura said: oh okay thanks Teresa I shall c how i go~

lesley11 said: I got mine, i put kisses on my bf wall, he loves it

If you like the free removable room art message log on to interiorinstyle's removable room art website to see the full range of affordable wall art. There is something for every one. Creare your own wall graphic to suit your decorating style. Transform your living space into something very personal. All your friends will love your style.