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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Melbourne Kitchen+ Bathroom design magazine reviews decorating with wall decals

 Kate Milton investigates the wall decal movement and has come up with loads of reasons why you should decorate your living spaces with wall decals. All indications are that home decorators are embracing the concept. Decorating with wall decals has become a huge trend that is becoming even more popular.

“The trend is huge right now,” says Kate, “people are enjoying the opportunity to decorate their walls in a way that is unique to their personality.”

What are wall decals?
Wall decals are made of adhesive vinyl. The image is printed on to the vinyl and when applied to the wall, the wall stickers look as though they have been painted. Hence the term wall art, wall murals and wall graphics can be used to describe wall decals. Wall decals are also known as wall stencils.

Why have wall decals become the latest trend in home decoration?
interiorinstyle believes Kate has captured the essence of wall decals as a home decorating medium and agrees with her reasons as to why wall decals have become so popular.

Personalise your kitchen and bathrooms.
As the article says “It’s personal.” Wall decals allow you to choose something that inspires you. How you then arrange it on the wall of the room you wish to decorate reflects your personality, giving you the living space that fits with you.

No professional help needed. Easy DIY
"Wall decals are so easy to apply you don’t need professional help.” It only takes a few hours to transform a room. Just follow interiorinstyle’s easy to follow instructions.

“Decals are so simple, low in price and complement any environment." “Decorating and personalising your kitchen and bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive.” Interiorinstyle have lots of options for less than $100.00.

Easy to remove for update or replacement.
Wall decals are not only easy to apply they are easy to remove and depending on how intricate the pattern, easy to reposition. When tastes change they can be easily removed and replaced with an update. The wall stickers will not damage the walls.

No special artistic talent required
“Wall decals allow you to embrace your inner artist without investing in time or the talent, which is a bonus for those of us who are busy or ahem lacking in artistic ability.”

Variety and endless possibilities
Kate notes that “Decals come in a variety of different prints, style and colours so there is something to suit everyone” This variety leads to endless possibilities. It may be favoured quotes in the kitchen, setting up a kids underwater wonderland in the bathroom or Parisian flair in the lounge room.

What Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design has said about the
 interiorinstyle website
interiorinstyle “ have an easy to use website, even grouping their decals into rooms. This website is for all ages, and your kids will find things they love here too. Definitely worth a look.”

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