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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Add a touch of Parisian Apartment Styling to your décor with black, gold or white.
If you have been inspired to add some Parisian Apartment styling to your wall decoration but can't afford it or haven't got the time to go shopping for it, then you may be interested in interiorinstyle's Parisian inspired wall sticker collection. Be creative and add some instant 'WOW' to your walls. Wall decals offer home decorators the opportunity to experiment with decorating ideas you may have read about in Home Beautiful or Real Living magazines. Play around with decorating ideas to create 'your own style in your own space'.

interiorinstyle has an extensive range of French Provincial and Parisian inspired wall stickers.
I have put together a gallery of Parisian inspired wall stickers for home decorators. I have focused on the colours black, gold and white. The Parisian range of wall stickers is also available in other colours. These include red, burgundy, pink, blue, yellow, lime and woodgrain. There is something for everyone and every room

Be daring, add a dressed mannequin wall sticker to your bedroom decoration.
The featured dressed mannequin has been popular as a decoration for bedrooms and walk in robes.

Paris Skyline wall stickers. Decorate a feature wall with the notable Parisian monuments.
Chandelier wall sticker.. Capture the elegance of a chandelier with interiorinstyle's Chandelier
Birdcages wall stickers. Decorate a wall with these beautiful and elegant shapes.
Peacock wall stickers. A big, bold colour statement on a feature wall.
The Parisian Chair wall sticker adds a touch of style to a small space.
Eiffel Tower wall stickers. Bring Paris home. Decorate a feature wall with this masterpiece.
Hatstand wall sticker. Hang your beret or your scarf on this Hatstand which includes a hook.
Mannequin wall sticker. Add hooks and use as a hanger for scarves and pashminas.

Vogue Wallpaper wall stickers. Reminiscent of French opulence as seen in the great salons of Versailles.

Carousel Horse wall sticker. Come ride the Carousel Horse.
Where can I buy interiorinstyle Gold wall sticker?
Online in the interiorinstyle online home decorator shop. Domayne has a selection of gold wall stickers.

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If you would like to have your own idea made up as a wall sticker then contact interiorinstyle at  or call 1300 1STYLE

When ordering online at interiorinstyle select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen.
Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method . Overseas shipping available.

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle wall stickers. Lyn from interiorinstyle.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In July interiorinstyle's Eiffel Tower wall sticker was offered to LifeStyle You Try it You Rate it reviewers. Reviwers have given a 5/5 star rating.
 LifeStyle You's comment, "your product was a complete hit with our viewers. -Here is some of the amazing commentary".

Reviews as posted on the LifeStyle You review page.

Karen21, Miranda NSW This is such a great idea...transforms a dull plain wall into a very modern and chic focal point. I'm already looking for more designs to change the look and feel of my home without having to go to the expense of re-decorating every room. A must for every home needing a new look!   RATING 5 stars


Dasha, Curl Curl NSW I love my new Eifell Tower wall sticker.I looks great on white wall and it has been a talking point for all our visitors.
It was surprisingly easy to apply on the wall and it is great that you can easily remove it anytime without damaging the paint. Kids would definitely like the choice of stickers on the interiorinstyle website for their rooms. Great affordable decoration ideas which make your house more fun.  
RATING 5 star.


Grace 45, Rostrevor SA This product is fantasic!!!! Its is easy to install and the test strip really helps to give you peace of mind about any damage to you walls!  I was able to put the Gorgeous silholette up on my wall, on my own! It wasn't fiddle or difficult! It adds a artist look to my lounge room wall without without the drama of putting in holes for hooks! I will definately consider getting another peace for the master bedroom in our home!!! Love it!  RATING  5 stars


Interiorinstye's Eiffel Tower wall sticker.
Bring a touch of Paris to your décor interiorinstyle's Eiffel Tower wall decal can be purchased at the interiorinstyle online home decorators store. There are six colour options; black, white, gold, silver, lime and yellow.If you like to decorate with red, it is also available by contacting interiorinstyle's custom design service.  

Check out how easy it is to apply an Eiffel Tower wall sticker to a wall.
Easy as installation instructions for interiorinstyle's Eiffel Tower wall sticker

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle. Lyn from interiorinstyle.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eiffel Tower in gold.
 Add a touch of French Styling to your décor. Decorate with the colour gold.
Decorators who want to add a touch of  French styling to their décor can do so by decorating with the colour gold. Gold is the traditional colour much admired and used by  French Royalty. Burnished gilt touches accentuate carvings on traditional French furniture and ornate architectural room fittings. Paintings were hung in gold frames. France’s Versailles is testament to this. As home decorators, we are not able to use the precious metal, but we can capture some style by adding  gold wall decoration to our décor.  

The colour gold adds warmth and glamour when decorating rooms.
When used as wall decoration, the colour gold adds warmth and a touch of glamour to a room’s décor. Gold evokes a feeling of prestige, symbolising wealth and beauty. Museums around the word hang their paintings in gold frames.

Decorating ideas for the colour gold.
Gold coloured wall decorations are best used to decorate a more formal space, perhaps a dining room or formal lounge. Colours that work well with gold are the royal colours, purple, burgundy and emerald green. However anything goes and what looks good and feels good is good. It is all up to personal style. Your space, your style.

Gold is one of interiorinstyle's favourite colours.
interiorinstyle's wall stickers look so elegant and stylish in gold. interiorinstyle's style research is indicating that there is a growing trend to use the colour gold as wall decoration. interiorinstyle designers have designed a series of wall stickers that look good in gold. SAVVY SHOPPER recently gave Melbourne Age readers some great tips on decorating with the colour gold.

The Gold Eiffel Tower (above), looks amazing. This intricate design catches the eye as a decorating feature on a formal lounge room, bedroom or dining room wall.

Gold and Black Vogue wallpaper, Gold Peacock, Gold Mannequin and Gold Hat Stand add a touch of glamour to a room's décor.

 The wall quote, Eat Drink and Enjoy and  Paris Skyline also available in gold.
The very elegant Gold Parisian Chair is great as wall decoration for a space that needs something but does not have the depth for a piece of furniture. It is great for a walk-through area such as a passage or the landing at the top of the stairs.

Where can you buy interiorinstyle Gold wall sticker?
Online in the interiorinstyle online shop. Domayne has a selection of gold wall stickers.

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If you would like to have your own idea made up as a gold wall sticker then contact interiorinstyle at
or call 1300 1STYLE

When ordering online at interiorinstyle select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen.
Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work  days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method .

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle's wall stickers. Lyn


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring is the feel good season.
Time to freshen up after the winter chill. Why not celebrate Spring with an update? Depending on time, energy or your budget, how about painting a room or even the whole house? If that sounds too much, then create a feature wall in your favourite room.?

A solution for busy home decorators. 
If you are busy, busy, busy and don't have time for expensive decorating ideas, then here is a solution. Create a feel good feature wall as part of your décor.

 How to create a feature wall. Decorating ideas from interiorinstyle.
Add a shot of quick colour to your favourite room. Refresh your living spaces with a touch of drama. ‘Carry’ the chosen colour throughout the room. Get some real creativity happening in your home. Add accessories and wall art to complement your chosen colour.

Which room in your house will look good with a feature wall?
Go sparingly. Don't create a feature wall in every room. Maximum, one or two rooms. Too many feature walls could make your home look disjointed.   
  • Choose a room that needs a refresh. A touch of drama by colour.
  • Choose a wall with in that room.
  • Choose carefully.Don't highlight ugly architectural features, or draw attention to oddly situated windows and doors.
  • Choose the wall so that you can create a focal point by colour and wall art.
  • Choose the colour to suit your style.
  • Create visual harmony in your space. Paint the other walls with the same colour but make the colour a few shades lighter.
  • Create a visual symphony by adding wall art to the feature wall as a way of adding definition to the feature wall.
  • Scatter accessories that complement the colours chosen around the room. Perhaps a clock, a thow, a vase of flowers or a vignette of treasured items.

Visual proportions of the room.
Consider the dramatic effect a colour can have on the visual proportions of a room. It can make a room look smaller. It the feature wall is lighter than the other walls it can make it appear further away.
Longest wall as the feature wall. If you paint the longest wall in the room as the feature, it will accentuate the narrowness of the room.
Shortest wall as the feature wall. By making the shortest wall the feature wall, it will appear to come towards you. Especially if a rich, deep colour is used. Great for highlighting a particular area, or enhancing a long narrow room.

Paint selection.
Wattyl paints have colour concept cards to inspire. Check out the images for dining rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms.

Wall Art to complement a feature wall.
interiorinstyle has removable room art that will enhance a feature wall. If you do decide to freshen up a room as a 'get into Spring project,' then check out wall art from the interiorinstyle range of wall decals.

Enjoy creating 'my space, my style' in your home.
Lyn from interiorinstyle.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

More great ideas from Savvy Shopper in Melbourne's Sunday Age. M Magazine. 5 September.
Once again, Savvy Shopper in Melbourne's Sunday Age M Magazine has something special for the home decorator. This time stylist Heather Nette King has showcased the colour gold. This is what Heather has to say about decorating with gold.

"There is a decorating rule that has survived throughout history: it dictates that if you want to impress and make an impact--go for gold!Decorating with gold and the other warm metals such as bronze, copper and brass can add glamour, stateliness and drama to a room--often all at once."

Heather has put together an interesting collection of gold decorator items.
I particularly like the 19th-century French giltwood and silk upholstered armchairs from Tarlo & Graham, but at $1950 a pair I may settle for  a less expensive option.

Heather has suggested colours to team with gold.
"Different moods can be achieve by mixing gold with other colours"
For grown-up glam. Shining gold with black.
For a regal statement. Add purple and red to gold.
For a fresh and elegant look. Mix pale gold with whites and cream.

Gold, as a decorating colour, has been used through out history.
Heather reminds us that Gold was the decorative colour of the ancient Egyptians. Gold was the colour dominating 18th Century Europe. The Rococo period featured gilt-edged style.

As home decorators you can easily add a Midas Touch to your décor.
The choices are limitless.Search the web, the specialty stores and the home decorator magazines. There is something for every taste and every style. Gold is one of interiorinstyle's feature decorating colours. Here are a few suggestions to add style to your décor.

Gold Peacock wall sticker
Paris Skyline wall sticker
Eat Drink Enjoy Wall Quote wall sticker
Eiffel Tower wall sticker
Black & Gold Vogue Wallpaper wall sticker
Where can you buy interiorinstyle Gold wall sticker?
Online in the interiorinstyle online shop. Domayne has a selection of gold wall sticker.

When ordering online at interiorinstyle select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen.
Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method .


Thursday, September 2, 2010

And Teddy likes it too.
Casey has chosen Pastel Butterflies wall stickers for her room decoration. She loves the soft pastel colours and the delicate shapes. There are lots of butterflies in an interiorinstyle Pastel Butterflies wall sticker kit. The colours includes Casey's favourite colour yellow. There are also pink, blue, mauve, green and blue butterfly wall decals.The colours blend well with colours typical of decoration in a little girl's bedroom. Pastel Butterflies look great on Casey's mauve wall.

The Butterflies wall decal shapes vary in size.
There are large, small, and in-between butterfly wall stickers. Casey enjoyed planning the placement of the butterfly wall stickers before she peeled them off the backing sheet. Having worked out a pattern, she then started with the larger butterflies. Casey placed them across the wall. She then filled in the spaces with the smaller butterflies. Casey saved some for the area above the bed head. This is where Teddy and her favourite treasures sit.

Wall decoration to delight little decorators.
With a flutter of wings, the butterflies flutter across the wall. Casey loves sharing her room with her butterfly friends. interiorinstyle wall stickers are also available in Pink, Pink Brown, Blue Brown and Multi Coloured.