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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eiffel Tower in gold.
 Add a touch of French Styling to your décor. Decorate with the colour gold.
Decorators who want to add a touch of  French styling to their décor can do so by decorating with the colour gold. Gold is the traditional colour much admired and used by  French Royalty. Burnished gilt touches accentuate carvings on traditional French furniture and ornate architectural room fittings. Paintings were hung in gold frames. France’s Versailles is testament to this. As home decorators, we are not able to use the precious metal, but we can capture some style by adding  gold wall decoration to our décor.  

The colour gold adds warmth and glamour when decorating rooms.
When used as wall decoration, the colour gold adds warmth and a touch of glamour to a room’s décor. Gold evokes a feeling of prestige, symbolising wealth and beauty. Museums around the word hang their paintings in gold frames.

Decorating ideas for the colour gold.
Gold coloured wall decorations are best used to decorate a more formal space, perhaps a dining room or formal lounge. Colours that work well with gold are the royal colours, purple, burgundy and emerald green. However anything goes and what looks good and feels good is good. It is all up to personal style. Your space, your style.

Gold is one of interiorinstyle's favourite colours.
interiorinstyle's wall stickers look so elegant and stylish in gold. interiorinstyle's style research is indicating that there is a growing trend to use the colour gold as wall decoration. interiorinstyle designers have designed a series of wall stickers that look good in gold. SAVVY SHOPPER recently gave Melbourne Age readers some great tips on decorating with the colour gold.

The Gold Eiffel Tower (above), looks amazing. This intricate design catches the eye as a decorating feature on a formal lounge room, bedroom or dining room wall.

Gold and Black Vogue wallpaper, Gold Peacock, Gold Mannequin and Gold Hat Stand add a touch of glamour to a room's décor.

 The wall quote, Eat Drink and Enjoy and  Paris Skyline also available in gold.
The very elegant Gold Parisian Chair is great as wall decoration for a space that needs something but does not have the depth for a piece of furniture. It is great for a walk-through area such as a passage or the landing at the top of the stairs.

Where can you buy interiorinstyle Gold wall sticker?
Online in the interiorinstyle online shop. Domayne has a selection of gold wall stickers.

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If you would like to have your own idea made up as a gold wall sticker then contact interiorinstyle at
or call 1300 1STYLE

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Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery. Express Post 2 - 3 work  days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method .

Enjoy decorating with interiorinstyle's wall stickers. Lyn