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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring is the feel good season.
Time to freshen up after the winter chill. Why not celebrate Spring with an update? Depending on time, energy or your budget, how about painting a room or even the whole house? If that sounds too much, then create a feature wall in your favourite room.?

A solution for busy home decorators. 
If you are busy, busy, busy and don't have time for expensive decorating ideas, then here is a solution. Create a feel good feature wall as part of your décor.

 How to create a feature wall. Decorating ideas from interiorinstyle.
Add a shot of quick colour to your favourite room. Refresh your living spaces with a touch of drama. ‘Carry’ the chosen colour throughout the room. Get some real creativity happening in your home. Add accessories and wall art to complement your chosen colour.

Which room in your house will look good with a feature wall?
Go sparingly. Don't create a feature wall in every room. Maximum, one or two rooms. Too many feature walls could make your home look disjointed.   
  • Choose a room that needs a refresh. A touch of drama by colour.
  • Choose a wall with in that room.
  • Choose carefully.Don't highlight ugly architectural features, or draw attention to oddly situated windows and doors.
  • Choose the wall so that you can create a focal point by colour and wall art.
  • Choose the colour to suit your style.
  • Create visual harmony in your space. Paint the other walls with the same colour but make the colour a few shades lighter.
  • Create a visual symphony by adding wall art to the feature wall as a way of adding definition to the feature wall.
  • Scatter accessories that complement the colours chosen around the room. Perhaps a clock, a thow, a vase of flowers or a vignette of treasured items.

Visual proportions of the room.
Consider the dramatic effect a colour can have on the visual proportions of a room. It can make a room look smaller. It the feature wall is lighter than the other walls it can make it appear further away.
Longest wall as the feature wall. If you paint the longest wall in the room as the feature, it will accentuate the narrowness of the room.
Shortest wall as the feature wall. By making the shortest wall the feature wall, it will appear to come towards you. Especially if a rich, deep colour is used. Great for highlighting a particular area, or enhancing a long narrow room.

Paint selection.
Wattyl paints have colour concept cards to inspire. Check out the images for dining rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms.

Wall Art to complement a feature wall.
interiorinstyle has removable room art that will enhance a feature wall. If you do decide to freshen up a room as a 'get into Spring project,' then check out wall art from the interiorinstyle range of wall decals.

Enjoy creating 'my space, my style' in your home.
Lyn from interiorinstyle.