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Sunday, March 28, 2010

interiorinstyle provides decorating solutions for renters.
If you are a renter by choice or necessity, then take a look at interiorinstyle’s wall decal collection. interiorinstyle’s wall decals offer amazing interior decorating solutions for tricky situations. Make your rented walls more personal. Transform your rented spaces into spaces you are pleased to come home to.

Are your interior decorating choices restricted as a renter?
As a renter you are probably restricted by what you can and can’t do to spruce up walls and living spaces that may have seen better days or are not quite your choice of colour.
Renters need affordable, easy to apply home decoration solutions that do not damage rented walls. After all, you will want your bond back one day!

Why are interiorinstyle’s wall decals so good for renters? interiorinstyle’s wall decals tick all the boxes.
Wall decals are inexpensive. The interiorinstyle range has plenty of choices under $100 per kit.
• Wall decals are simple to apply. Just follow interiorinstyle’s easy to follow instructions. There are two easy DIY application methods. Peel and stick or Applique.
• Wall decals, there is something for everyone. interiorinstyle’s designers have especially created designs that include wall decals for everyone and for all wall spaces; bedrooms, lounge rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, kids rooms and even the smallest room in the house!
• Wall decals do not damage walls. Use interiotinstyle’s special “Q” to test your rented walls to make sure. When interiorinstyle’s wall decals are applied using interiorinstyle’s easy to follow instructions, they will not damage walls. No hammers, nails, screw drivers, screws or paint brushes required. Wall decals, a renter and landlord’s dream. They look good too! (Each kit contains a tester in the shape of a “Q” so you can test the quality of the wall and the paint job.”)
• Wall decals are great for covering up a renter's inherited decoration nightmares. Are you paying for the privilege of living with someone else’s less than desirable decorating choices? interiorinstyle’s wall stickers provide a solution for interior decorating cover ups and transformations. Make your rented space a great place to come home to.
• Wall decals turn rented walls into personal masterpieces. If you are a renter, follow the interiorinstyle’s three-step interiorinstyle DIY home decorating process.
1. Step One: interiorinstyle designers design a range of contemporary wall decals.
2. Step Two: interiorinstyle’s production team produce quality wall decals.
3. Step Three: DIY decorators create living spaces that are great to come home to. Firstly, choose a wall decal kit. Secondly, layout the wall art kit in an arrangement to suit the room and personal style. Thirdly, apply the decal kit to create a personal masterpiece that is the focus for the room.
• Wall decals are easily removed. When it is time for renters to move on, wall decals are easily removed. Carefully follow interiorinstyle’s tips and tricks to remove your wall decals. interiorinstyle knows getting the bond back is all important to renters. When in your next rental property or newly purchased home it is time to choose more gorgeous interiorinstyle wall decal creations to make your next address a personal living space with walls that are your own masterpieces, not the landlords, the previous tenants or the previous owners!

How to make it all happen.
• Browse interiorinstyle’s online shop. There is so much to choose from. The interiorinstyle designers have treated home decorators to a feast of top quality “Australian Made” professional designs.
• Get ready to transform your rented spaces into your personal spaces. interiorinstyle will dispatch your purchase pronto and in no time you will be able to sit back and enjoy your rented surroundings.


Friday, March 19, 2010

interiorinstyle’s blog is undergoing a make over.

Over the last month, blog followers may have noticed a stylish change to the interiorinstyle blog layout. interiorinstyle presents articles which keep interiorinstyle’s followers up to date with interior decoration trends and what’s new in wall stickers. The interiorinstyle removable room art blog, covers the latest information on wall decals as six new focuses of interest.

eat drink enjoy; interiorinstyle’s online magazine.
interiorinstyle has launched its own online magazine which will include lifestyle articles of special interest. The title eat drink enjoy was an easy choice as this interiorinstyle typographic wall decal has been so popular. Watch this space to read all sorts of interesting bits and pieces about eating, drinking and enjoying life.

how to decorate with interiorinstyle.
This focus will showcase interiorinstyle’s wall art, including lots of suggestions and images of the interiorinstyle wall art product. These articles are a must read for home decorators who want to know more about interiorinstyle product selections, colour choices and application methods. These articles showcase the various collections and particular kits. For example the Safari collection and the Peacock have recently been posted under this focus.

media and PR.
In this focus, interiorinstyle reports on the many media articles in which interiorinstyle’s removable room art appears. Thanks to all the stylists and journalists who feature interiorinstyle’s wall decals in their magazines. Here interiorinstyle spreads their good news and ideas with our followers.

retailing with interiorinstyle.
interiorinstyle acknowledges its retailers with pictures and coverage. Domayne is a major retailer for interiorinstyle. Check out interiorinstyle’s product at Domayne stores, Australia wide.

trends in interior decoration.
interiorinstyle keeps up-to-date with the latest tends in interior decoration from both overseas and within Australia. Here interiorinstyle reviews the many aspects of interior decoration, such as colour and style. interiorinstyle designers incorporate these trends into the interiorinstyle range of wall decals with each refresh of the removable room art range.

what’s new in wall stickers.
This is where interiorinstyle features what is new in the interiorinstyle range of wall stickers. The two new range releases are timed for
• Autumn/Winter
• Spring/Summer
The Autumn/Winter range for 2010 is soon to be released so there will be lots to write about. interiorinstyle is pleased to share the fabulous Autumn/Winter 2010 range of wall decals with interior decorators who are looking for inexpensive, professionally designed, high quality wall decals. Having carefully chosen the wall decal kit of choice, decorators can then arrange the individual wall stickers into their own arrangement to create a personal masterpiece.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

interiorinstyle’s Peacock wall mural adds a bold, colourful statement to living spaces that are big enough to hold a dramatic splash of single colour.

Proud as a Peacock
The peacock is famous for its colour and proud mating displays. To attract a peahen the  peacock struts around displaying its plumage which is displayed in a kaleidoscope of bronze, blue, green, black, silver and gold. These are the colours that have inspired the interiorinstyle designers.

Available in six colours
The interiorinstyle peacock is available in six colours; gold, silver, black, white, gentian blue and green.

Bold and proud.
Displayed on a wall, the Peacock wall decal is a striking work of art. At 1310mm in height, the Peacock wall sticker stands bold and proud like the bird it represents.

How to use interiorinstyle’s Peacock to enhance your décor
  • Choose your colour.
  • Apply the Peacock to a feature wall.
  • Scatter cushions of a similar colour to the Peacock, across a neutral leather couch.
  • Match window treatments to the peacock’s colour.
  • Pick up the Peacock’s colour as highlights in a floor rug.
  • Blend the colour of the Peacock wall sticker to sleekly, styled vases or other carefully chosen ornaments.  
The Result
A warm, cosy room to relax in, to entertain in or to just feel good in.

Application by applique.
interiorinstyle’s Peacock wall sticker is by applique. (application is similar to a transfer on to the wall). interiorinstyle  provide easy to follow instructions.

The interiorinstyle peacock is available for purchase at the interior online store.


Fabulous wall art offer for interiorinstyle facebook fans.
Join interiorinstyle's facebook today and receive a $20.00 gift voucher which is redeemable when you purchase an interiorinstyle wall art kit from the interiorinstyle online store at

What you have to do
Step one
Logon to interiorinstyle's removable room art website and have a look around. You will see lots of must have wall art. You will find loads of inspiration and amazing interior decorating solutions for your living spaces. Browse through the wall art best sellers. Then check out the many wall decal themes. Once you have checked out the décor & furniture, animal designs, flower and tree designs, wall paper and the wall quotes you can look at wall art recommendations for various rooms. There is even a range of wall stickers for the kids. Christmas is also covered with lots of festive wall art. ,
Step  two
Having made your selection, click on to the interiorinstyle facebook link on the home page which lands you onto interiorinstyle's facebook. Join as a fan and like magic the blue invitation card to receive a $20 gift voucher appears. Click onto the $20.00 gift voucher. This voucher takes you to the interiorinstyle removable room art registration page. Continue through the purchase process to receive your $20.00 gift. It is just too easy.

Step three
Tell all your friends about this fabulous offer and then post your interior decoration masterpiece on  interiorinstyle's facebook.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Child: "Fall for it."
My Child used interiorinstyle’s Autumn Tree of Seasons
as a background for the photo shoot that featured
baby clothes to keep baby “snug as a bug and bright as a button.”
Check out just how good the Autumn Tree of Seasons decal looks. Pg 114.

Ideal for kids living areas
Like the photo shoot, this wall graphic is a striking backdrop to busy, high activity living spaces. Ideal for kids. interiorinstyle designers have blended nine autumn tones which convey the warm and comforting colours of Autumn.

Have fun creating a family masterpiece with wall art.
Have fun with the kids. Get them to help position the 104 wall decal leaves. Create a Removable Room Art masterpiece for all the family to enjoy in Autumn 2010.

Autumn Tree of Seasons available from interiorinstyle.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Autumn is upon us. The mornings are cooler, and soon the leaves on the trees will be turning. The parks and gardens will be alive with beautiful autumn colours.

Celebrate this autumn by bringing the colours of autumn into your home. Decorate a special living space in your home with an interiorinstyle.
Tree of Seasons Autumn wall decal. This removable room art tree stands 1700mm high and is awash with nine autumn tones.
The Autumn wall sticker is an interiorinstyle best seller as it adds colour and ambience to living areas. Kids love it.

The interiorinstyle Tree of Seasons collection of wall decals includes the other seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Mid Season.

Tree of Seasons wall decals are available on the interiorinsyle website


Thursday, March 4, 2010

interiorinstyle wall art as seen in Notebook May 2009.
Everyone loves interiorinstyle wall sticker Birdcages. One of the many magazines to feature these stylish wall decals was Notebook in their Mothers Day issue last May. Birdcages wall art is available direct from intieriorinstyle‘s online store and from Giggle Smile Designs which stocks a range of interiorinstyle Removable Room Art.

What Notebook has to say about wall sticker art.
Notebook describes “wall decals are one of the great decorative innovations of recent years. Striking and often witty, decals are a simple and inexpensive way to turn a wall into a work of art. The fact they are totally removable is a bonus feature that makes them an ideal option for rental properties”

Wall art is easy to apply.
All interiorinstyle wall art kits come with clear directions. Notebook gives a very easy to follow step-by-step description of how to apply wall art. Accompanying the instructions is a photo of the wall decals cut into individual pieces and applied to the wall with masking tape in an experimental arrangement.

Experiment with placement of the decals.
This is the essence of creating your own special masterpiece.
• the interiorinstyle designers have designed fantastic wall decals
• the interiorinstyle production team have produced high quality wall stickers
• now it is up to you to arrange the decals into wall art that has personal appeal
• in no time you will have transformed you living space into a space you will be pleased to come home to.

Wall decals are easy to remove without damaging walls.
When you feel like a change, the wall decals are easy to remove without marking your walls. Time to choose another stylish wall art kit form the huge range of interiorinstyle Removable Room Art. As Notebook says, great for renters!

Where to purchase interiorinstyle’s Removable Room Art.
If you would like to decorate your living spaces with interiorinstyle’s wall stickers log on to interiorinstyle’s easy to use online store