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Thursday, March 4, 2010

interiorinstyle wall art as seen in Notebook May 2009.
Everyone loves interiorinstyle wall sticker Birdcages. One of the many magazines to feature these stylish wall decals was Notebook in their Mothers Day issue last May. Birdcages wall art is available direct from intieriorinstyle‘s online store and from Giggle Smile Designs which stocks a range of interiorinstyle Removable Room Art.

What Notebook has to say about wall sticker art.
Notebook describes “wall decals are one of the great decorative innovations of recent years. Striking and often witty, decals are a simple and inexpensive way to turn a wall into a work of art. The fact they are totally removable is a bonus feature that makes them an ideal option for rental properties”

Wall art is easy to apply.
All interiorinstyle wall art kits come with clear directions. Notebook gives a very easy to follow step-by-step description of how to apply wall art. Accompanying the instructions is a photo of the wall decals cut into individual pieces and applied to the wall with masking tape in an experimental arrangement.

Experiment with placement of the decals.
This is the essence of creating your own special masterpiece.
• the interiorinstyle designers have designed fantastic wall decals
• the interiorinstyle production team have produced high quality wall stickers
• now it is up to you to arrange the decals into wall art that has personal appeal
• in no time you will have transformed you living space into a space you will be pleased to come home to.

Wall decals are easy to remove without damaging walls.
When you feel like a change, the wall decals are easy to remove without marking your walls. Time to choose another stylish wall art kit form the huge range of interiorinstyle Removable Room Art. As Notebook says, great for renters!

Where to purchase interiorinstyle’s Removable Room Art.
If you would like to decorate your living spaces with interiorinstyle’s wall stickers log on to interiorinstyle’s easy to use online store