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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

interiorinstyle’s Peacock wall mural adds a bold, colourful statement to living spaces that are big enough to hold a dramatic splash of single colour.

Proud as a Peacock
The peacock is famous for its colour and proud mating displays. To attract a peahen the  peacock struts around displaying its plumage which is displayed in a kaleidoscope of bronze, blue, green, black, silver and gold. These are the colours that have inspired the interiorinstyle designers.

Available in six colours
The interiorinstyle peacock is available in six colours; gold, silver, black, white, gentian blue and green.

Bold and proud.
Displayed on a wall, the Peacock wall decal is a striking work of art. At 1310mm in height, the Peacock wall sticker stands bold and proud like the bird it represents.

How to use interiorinstyle’s Peacock to enhance your décor
  • Choose your colour.
  • Apply the Peacock to a feature wall.
  • Scatter cushions of a similar colour to the Peacock, across a neutral leather couch.
  • Match window treatments to the peacock’s colour.
  • Pick up the Peacock’s colour as highlights in a floor rug.
  • Blend the colour of the Peacock wall sticker to sleekly, styled vases or other carefully chosen ornaments.  
The Result
A warm, cosy room to relax in, to entertain in or to just feel good in.

Application by applique.
interiorinstyle’s Peacock wall sticker is by applique. (application is similar to a transfer on to the wall). interiorinstyle  provide easy to follow instructions.

The interiorinstyle peacock is available for purchase at the interior online store.