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Friday, March 19, 2010

interiorinstyle’s blog is undergoing a make over.

Over the last month, blog followers may have noticed a stylish change to the interiorinstyle blog layout. interiorinstyle presents articles which keep interiorinstyle’s followers up to date with interior decoration trends and what’s new in wall stickers. The interiorinstyle removable room art blog, covers the latest information on wall decals as six new focuses of interest.

eat drink enjoy; interiorinstyle’s online magazine.
interiorinstyle has launched its own online magazine which will include lifestyle articles of special interest. The title eat drink enjoy was an easy choice as this interiorinstyle typographic wall decal has been so popular. Watch this space to read all sorts of interesting bits and pieces about eating, drinking and enjoying life.

how to decorate with interiorinstyle.
This focus will showcase interiorinstyle’s wall art, including lots of suggestions and images of the interiorinstyle wall art product. These articles are a must read for home decorators who want to know more about interiorinstyle product selections, colour choices and application methods. These articles showcase the various collections and particular kits. For example the Safari collection and the Peacock have recently been posted under this focus.

media and PR.
In this focus, interiorinstyle reports on the many media articles in which interiorinstyle’s removable room art appears. Thanks to all the stylists and journalists who feature interiorinstyle’s wall decals in their magazines. Here interiorinstyle spreads their good news and ideas with our followers.

retailing with interiorinstyle.
interiorinstyle acknowledges its retailers with pictures and coverage. Domayne is a major retailer for interiorinstyle. Check out interiorinstyle’s product at Domayne stores, Australia wide.

trends in interior decoration.
interiorinstyle keeps up-to-date with the latest tends in interior decoration from both overseas and within Australia. Here interiorinstyle reviews the many aspects of interior decoration, such as colour and style. interiorinstyle designers incorporate these trends into the interiorinstyle range of wall decals with each refresh of the removable room art range.

what’s new in wall stickers.
This is where interiorinstyle features what is new in the interiorinstyle range of wall stickers. The two new range releases are timed for
• Autumn/Winter
• Spring/Summer
The Autumn/Winter range for 2010 is soon to be released so there will be lots to write about. interiorinstyle is pleased to share the fabulous Autumn/Winter 2010 range of wall decals with interior decorators who are looking for inexpensive, professionally designed, high quality wall decals. Having carefully chosen the wall decal kit of choice, decorators can then arrange the individual wall stickers into their own arrangement to create a personal masterpiece.