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Friday, July 30, 2010

Eiffel Tower wall sticker.
The Eiffel Tower wall sticker is a big, bold colour statement that will add a touch of Parisian style to your décor . The large Eiffel Tower wall sticker stands 1850mm. The smaller Eiffel Tower wall sticker is 948mm.

Following interiorinstyle’s ‘HOW TO’ tips for the appliqué method, you will be amazed at how super easy it is to decorate with our wall stickers.

Tip 1   Clean the wall and test with interiorinstyle's 'Q'.
  • Usually a dust over is enough but if using water, make sure the surface is dry before proceeding.
  • Every kit has a 'Q' for Quality. It allows you to test your wall surface.
  • interiorinstyle recommends you leave the 'Q' test sticker for 48hours.
  • Test that the 'Q' sticks and removes from your surface (plasterboard wall, window or other similar surface).
Tip 2   Position the wall sticker sheet on the wall.
  • Using masking tape, position the wall sticker sheet on the wall to get your desired layout. 
  • Mark the sheet's position on the wall with pencil that can be rubbed off.
Tip 3   Prepare the wall decal so it will easily stick to the wall.
  • Take down the sheet and lay it on a clean flat surface such as a table.
  • Lay the sheet on the table with the the top paper layer—the overlay— face up.
  • Scour the decal with the edge of a plastic card.
  • Vigorously rub the card over the overlay. Pay special attention to the corners, edges and the intricate parts of the design.
  • This action binds the sticker to the overlay and makes handling of such a large wall sticker easy.
 Tip 4   Separate the backing sheet from the overlay
  • While laid out on the clean flat surface, carefully separate the overlay sheet from the backing sheet. 
  • Make sure the Eiffel Tower wall sticker remains attached to the overlay.
  • Hold it so the overlay does not double back on itself.
  • Once the two sheets have separated, carefully carry the sheet back to the wall.
 Tip 5   Fix the wall sticker to the wall.
  • Standing in front of the wall, locate the pencil marks.
  • Using the pencil marks as a guide, stick the decal to the wall.
  • When in position, rub over the overlay with your hand to smooth down the sheet.
  • Rub the plastic card over the sheet. 
  • This action helps bond the sticker to the wall.
Tip 6   Remove the overlay, leaving the sticker on the wall.
  • Carefully pull back the overlay using the plastic card as a tool for holding the sticker in place as it separates from the overlay.
  • Start at the top and pull the overlay downwards.
  • Cut off excess overlay as you go.
  • Work your way downwards so that all that remains is the stunning Eiffel Tower wall sticker attached to the wall.
Tip 7   Finishing off.
  • Carefully rub over the wall decal with a soft cloth, smoothing out any bubbles or creases.  
  • In the next few days, rub your hand over the Eiffel Tower to make sure all the edges have bonded.  
  • This is important because it is such a large sticker.
Tip 8   How to achieve an overall interior decorator look.
  • Add accessories to your room decoration that complements the Eiffel Tower by theme or colour.
  • Create your own 'decorating style you are pleased to come home to'.
 Tip 9   Wall decals are easy to remove when the time comes for an update.
  •  Just use tweezers or your fingernails to lift up a corner of the decal and gently pull the wall sticker  away from the wall.
interiorinstyle invites you to enjoy creating 'my space - my style,' with our fabulous range of wall stickers.