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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Decorating ideas. Decorating rooms with an interiorinstyle Large Butterfly wall sticker.
Use an interiorinstyle's Large Butterfly wall decal as a feature wall decoration. A Large Butterfly wall sticker looks stunning as wall décor. If you have a two story house, you may consider adding colour and style to a wall on a landing or at the top of the stairs. This Picture Perfect wall sticker will be a stand out feature in a room or in a high traffic area.

Wall sticker sizing.
This Giant Butterfly wall sticker is a big, bold, colour statement. As the wall sticker stands 1.2 m,
make sure the space is big enough to hold this delicately drawn wall sticker design.

Wall sticker colour combinations.
If you like to decorate your spaces with colour, then interiorinstyle's Large Butterfly wall transfer offers plenty of colour options. The interiorinstyle designers have designed this wall decal in 16 colour combinations. There is a colour combination to suit every one and every decor. The colour combinations include variations of  pink, red, orange, brown, blue, green, grey, black and white.

Popular colour combinations.
The most popular colour combinations for these wall designs have been; pinks, red, blues, greens and black and white.

Large Butterfly wall stickers in Blacks
Large Butterfly wall stickers in Reds

Large Butterfly wall stickers in Blues

Large Butterfly wall stickers in Greens
Large Butterfly wall stickers in Pinks

Where can I buy an interiorinstyle Large Butterfly wall sticker designs?  Online in the interiorinstyle online shop.