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Thursday, July 29, 2010

interiorinstyle wall decals: two easy application techniques. 

 Application by Appliqué. This transfer method is used for the more intricate designs.
  • Sold in kit form each interiorinstyle eye-catching design is printed on a sheet of high quality vinyl, which has a sticky underside and an overlay. This is the 'holding- it- altogether' paper overlay.
  • Carefully trim around the wall sticker or cut the sheet into segments if the design has lots of pieces.
  • Choose a smooth surface to decorate. Usually a plasterboard wall, door, furniture, mirror, window or fridge.
  • The surfaces must be smooth, clean and dry.
  • Plan placement of your wall sticker. Layout your wall decoration Use masking tape to arrange the pieces into a decorative, personal arrangement.
  • Follow interiorinstyle's detailed directions for separation of the overlay from the backing sheet and transfer of the sticker to the wall.
  • Complement your wall sticker with accessories to give your décor an interior designer look.
  • interiorinstyle wall stickers that require the Appliqué application method includes; Birdcages  Eiffel Tower, Chandelier, Paris Skyline, Peacock, Dressed Mannequin, Moulin Windmill, Parisian Chair and Paris about Town. ( The intricate designs).


 Peel and Stick or sticker method. This method very easy to install.
  • Sold in kit form, each interiorinstyle Peel and Stick, eye-catching-design is printed onto a sheet of high quality vinyl.
  • As part of the production process, the vinyl is cut into shapes. These shapes are the wall stickers. 
  • These shapes sit on the backing sheet until peeled off and stuck onto the prepared surface.
  • There is no overlay.
  • The shapes are peeled from the sheet and stuck straight on to the smooth, clean, dry surface. 
  •  Run your hand or a smoothing tool around the edge to make sure the wall sticker has bonded to the wall.
  • Complement your wall sticker with accessories to give your décor an interior designer look.
  •  interiorinstyle wall stickers that require the Peel & Stick application method includes; Tree of Seasons, Wallpaper, Russian Dolls and Transport . ( The wall sticker designs for interiorinstyle Little People).