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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SAVVY SHOPPER has great ideas for home decorators.
'SAVVY SHOPPER,' which appears in THE SUNDAY AGE, M melbourne inside out magazine had an interesting review of Typography on 25 July.
Stylist Heather Nette King suggests that
"Typography is adding a touch of the graphic to the modern interior."
"Right now, we love our letters, and it has never been a better time to 'edit' your interiors."  
I particularly like the cushions that carry a typographic message. The cushions featured are available at Aunty Cookie and Polyrider.

Typographic wall sticker designs from interiorinstyle.   If you are interested in wall decoration that has a message then you may be interested in interiorinstyle's typographic wall stickers. interiorinstyle's range of wall quote decals are easy to apply and very affordable. When you are ready for a change of style, the typographic wall sticker is easily removed and replaced with an update.

Eat Drink Enjoy typography wall sticker.
This typographic wall sticker looks good in a kitchen or dining room. It has also been seen in restaurants and cafes.

This wall sticker is popular as office wall decoration.

Merry Christmas typography wall sticker.
interiorinstyle also has wall quote wall sticker Christmas messages for the festive season.

Where can I buy an interiorinstyle Wall Quote wall sticker designs?

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If you would like to have your own wall quote made as a wall sticker then contact our custom design team.
interiorinstyle's typographic wall stickers are available in various colour combinations. If another colour combination not on sale suits your home décor, contact interiorinstyle at
or call 1300 1STYLE.