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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Melbourne Sunday Age has featured the Grandfather Clock removable wall sticker in its M magazine, home style SAVVY SHOPPER, pg 12 , January 17 2010 *

Modern time keeping has gone digital. Mobile phones, clock radios and computers provide time at a glance for busy people on the go.

For those who have the time to appreciate time 
with the tick tock of a round face and two hands, 
modern clocks are now an art form, combining 
functionality and art.

interiorinstyle has captured the aesethic beauty of clocks. Decorate with our functional and artistic range of clock wall stickers.
The Grandfather clock wall decal is 100% decorative.  The clear stylish lines of the vinyl wall stencil looks amazing as a room feature. (No clock included)

The zone clock wall decal is a functional decorative wall mural with 3 clocks that can be set to time zones of your choice. Select your favourite cities; perhaps  London, Rome, Paris. Call 1300 1STYLE to order your cities. Great for returned travelers.(3 analogue clocks included)

The Antique clock wall sticker brings Parisian style to home, office, restaurant or retail outlet. The removable room art clock decal is a favourite choice for decorators who enjoy French themed décor. (1 analogue clock  included)

The Cuckoo Clock stylized wall graphic is a decorative wall sticker with a Swiss traditional theme. (1 analogue clock included)

*Attention savvy shoppers. The interiorinstyle Grandfather Clock wall sticker comes in five colours Black & Yellow, Black, Grey, Light Blue and Red. At  $89.00
It is smart buying.