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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bamboo wall stickers. Decoration for rooms with a garden outlook.
interiorinstyle designers have designed Bamboo wall stickers for home decorators who wish to blend the outdoors with the indoors.

How to achieve the connection between the outdoors and the indoors.
Indoors: Decorate a feature wall with an interiorinstyle Bamboo Wall Mural. 
Outside: Place pots of Bamboo so they can be seen from the inside. Position these pots so they are placed just outside glass sliding doors or glass folding doors.

Use Colour to create continuity.
  • The colour of the Bamboo wall stickers. Choose your wall sticker colour option. There are three colour choices for the interiorinstyle Bamboo wall sticker kit; white, black and lime green
  • The colour of the feature wall. Choose the wall colour to accentuate the Bamboo wall stickers. Be inspired by the photo showing the white Bamboo wall sticker against a lime green background. Play around with colour until you have the colour palette you are happy with. Both white and black have endless options. Lime green looks good against one of the many whites from the white palette. 
  • The colour of the Bamboo Pots. Choose pots to blend with the Bamboo wall sticker or the colour of the feature wall. If you cannot find the right coloured pots, then seal terracotta pots and  paint with the colour required. Check with your paint store to get the right advice.
  • The colour of the accessories. Choose cushions, furniture, lamps and mat to tone in with the colour chosen for the wall stickers and the pots. 
Create a room that blends the outdoors with the indoors. 
Many ideas for decorating my home have come from magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens. The November 2009 issue has a fabulous article  'from inside out'  which features the transformation of three basic rooms into beautiful living spaces that share a relationship with the outdoors. This article is of particular interest to me as the decorating ideas described for the dining room transformation can be adapted to using Bamboo wall stickers.

Every picture tells a story
The picture featured from the article shows a potted Bamboo in view of the dining room. Imagine a feature wall decorated with a
Bamboo Wall Sticker Mural.  Bamboo on the wall
and Bamboo outside the room, working together to bring a
sense of the outdoors inside.

Where can you buy interiorinstyle Bamboo wall stickers?
Online in the interiorinstyle online shop.

Custom Design by interiorinstyle.
If another colour combination suits your home décor, contact interiorinstyle at
or call 1300 1STYLE.

Product information.
Style.Wall Sticker Wall Mural.
Price.  interiorinstyle Bamboo wall stickers sell for $89.00 per wall sticker kit.
Application method. By Applique.
The tallest bamboo piece stands at 1500mm.

When ordering online at, select your delivery option.
Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen. Standard Post 4 - 8 work days for delivery.
Express Post 2 - 3 work days for delivery. Cost of shipping varies according to weight and method.