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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Domayne Homewares sell interiorinstyle Wallpaper wall stickers.
Check out your closest Domayne Homeware store for selected interiorinstyle wall stickers for home decoration.
Vogue Wallpaper wall stickers. Black & White.

Vogue Wallpaper wall stickers. Black & Gold.

Black & Silver Vogue Wallpaper.

The combination of Black and Silver also makes an elegant interiorinstyle Vogue Wallpaper wall sticker. black & Silver is the third colour combination available.Black and Silver is available online at interiorinstyle or by order at your Domayne Homeware store. The beautiful swirls of silver & black are a great choice for decorators who prefer to use silver as a decorating colour.

Stripes Wallpaper wall stickers.
Also known as (Linear wallpaper), interiorinstyle  Stripes Wallpaper adds instant colour to a room with its colour combinations. Domayne has selected Multi Coloured and Greys.
Other colour combinations include;
Brown, Beiges & Blues,
Yellow, Black & Greys,
Teal, Brown, Beige & Lime,
Pastel Multi Coloured

Wallpaper wall stickers add style to a room. Use a Wallpaper wall sticker to decorate a  feature wall. The Wallpaper wall sticker can be used vertically or horizontally depending on the room, the space and the decorating effect required. Complement the wallpaper pattern with colours and shades of the colours highlighted in the wallpaper design.

The Stripes wallpaper offers a wonderful array of colours to work with. Red, yellow, blues and green offer lively accessory choices. Pick out a key colour and then choose lampshades, soft furnishings and rugs to complement the colour. Domayne have a range of solft cushions  that will complement interiorinstyle's Stripes Wallpaper. Because Stripes Wallpaper has a multitude of colours it is possible to change the complementing coloured accessories regularly to give the impression of change. Red one month and then yellow the next depending on mood.

Where can you buy interiorinstyle Wallpaper stickers?
Online in the interiorinstyle online shop. Domayne Homewares store near you. Check out Domayne's interiorinstyle wall sticker selection.