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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Domayne has great ideas for decorating children’s bedrooms. interiorinstyle’s pastel  Carousel Horse wall decal was chosen by Domayne to add colour and style to this little girl’s bedroom. This Pretty as a Picture interiorinstyle wall decal is printed in soft pink, green, mauve and blue. When applied to the wall it looks like it has been painted. The pastel Carousel Horse is ideal for DIY home decorators who want to have an interior decorator look in their nursery or girl’s bedroom.

The Carousel Horse wall decal is available in black and white.
For home decorators who prefer a stronger interior decorating effect, the black and white Carousel Horse is an option. This interiorinstyle Pretty as a Picture wall decal is a popular decorating choice
for teenage girls and for adults. When applied to the wall this wall decal
colour combination adds eye-catching appeal to the room's decor.
Add to the harmony of the room with contrasting soft furnishing and
accessories. Turquoise is a great colour to off set black and white.

The Carousel Horse wall decal is available in five colour combinations.
Check out the range of decorating colours for this beautiful Carousel Horse wall sticker. interiorinstyle's  DIY decorator's wall sticker colour range provides choices for all age groups who are seeking an interior decorator look.

interiorinstyle's Carousel Horse is great for decorating informal and formal areas.
Interior decoration is all about the use of colour. The concept of colour is particularly important when slecting your Carousel Horse and deciding which room to decorate.

Pink, green ,mauve, blues and burgundy were chosen by the interiorinstyle design team as children's colour combinations. These two colour combinations, pastel and bright are ideal for decorating nurseries, children's bedrooms, and play rooms.

The silver and black Carousel Horse, and the gold and black Carousel Horse look particularly elegant as wall decor for more formal room decoration. Gold and the silver add elegance to room decor. Rooms that are suitable for these Carousel Horses are lounge rooms, dining rooms,an entry, a hallway and formal bedrooms. 

The black and white Carousel Horse is suitable as wall decor for any age group. This wall sticker looks good in any room.

Another decorating idea from interiorinstyle.
Consider using two interiorinstyle Carousel Horses, side by side, as a feature wall mural.
Placed side-by-side these Carousel Horses give the impression of moving on a carousel. As a decorating feature, two Carousel Horses is stunning.