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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home decoration..... Ideas from interiorinstyle's Gallery of Wall Stickers. Page One.

No 1 Bold and Beautiful wall stickers.
No 2 Wall Mural wall stickers.

The interiorinstyle range of wall stickers provides DIY home decorators with a comprehensive range of wall stickers. There is something for everyone and something for every room. To help you to choose the right wall decals for your home décor, interiorinstyle has grouped their wall stickers into various styles and collections. interiorinstyle offers decorating suggestions for the various wall sticker styles. Each style and collection has a range of colours. Choose the interior designer look you will be pleased to come home to.

No 1 Bold & Beautiful wall stickers
interiorinstyle's Bold & Beautiful wall sticker kits contain a single wall sticker that is a dominant colour statement. These wall stickers are used as a big splash of single colour. The impact is in the design, colour, size, placement and ambience created in the room.

Eiffel Tower, Peacock, Moulin Windmill, Chandelier.

No 2 Wall stickers as Wall Murals
Each interiorinstyle Wall Mural kit contains numerous stickers printed on one sheet. The sheet is cut into the separate wall sticker elements. The result. Lots of wall sticker pieces to arrange into a Wall Mural.
Be artistic. Place the wall stickers in a composition that looks good to you. Create your own work of art.

Birdcages, Paris Skyline, Kitchen Utensils, Bookshelf, Kitchen Cutlery.

 Free Form Dandelions, Bamboo, Stylised Scandinavian Flowers, Stylised DandelionsMonsterra Leaves.

DogsCats, Swallows, Black Cats, Gold Fish.

Pink Butterflies, Origami Paper PlanesOrigami Swans, Stylised Lilly Pad, Paris About Town.