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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Add  Colour to your Décor. Wall Stickers as a Wall Mural
Colour is so important in home decoration. interiorinstyle designers have included a range of colours for each Wall Mural. Choose a colour to suit your room's décor. Black, white, silver and gold are popular decorating choices for DIY home decorators. There are also blues, reds, orange, greens, burgundy,and woodgrain selections, depending on the wall sticker kit chosen. A selection of Wall Mural  wall sticker colour options are highlighted below.

Origami Swan Wall Stickers. 
Stylised Dandelion Wall Stickers.
Wall stickers can be used to create a Wall Mural that is your own decorative work of art.
How can this be done? Each interiorinstyle wall sticker Wall Mural kit contains numerous stickers printed on one sheet. Cut out all the pieces. You will have lots of wall stickers to make up your special Wall Mural. Layout the wall stickers in an artistic composition that looks good on a table or floor. Using masking tape, lightly tape the wall sticker pieces to the wall to get a feel for the arrangement of the Wall Mural.
When you have the look you want, stick the wall stickers to the wall. Your wall sticker Wall Mural will add style to your home décor. Relax and enjoy.

Stylised Lilly Pad Wall Sticker.
How to use an interiorinstyle Wall Mural.
When using an interiorinstyle wall sticker Wall Mural kits, visualize the room and placement of the Wall Mural so that that the best effect is achieved. Choose colour to either complement your current décor or provide contrast. To highlight the interiorinstyle Wall Mural, add matching or contrasting coloured soft furnishings and accessories.

Swallow Wall Stickers.
Bamboo Wall Stickers.
Design, Colour Choice and Composition on the wall.
What makes Wall Mural wall stickers special for home décor?  Design, colour and placement on the wall are important decorating elements for an interiorinstyle's Wall Mural.  Wall Mural wall stickers are easy to match to soft furnishings and accessories. Enhance your décor with an easy to apply Wall Mural. There is a colour options for everyone and every wall space. interiorinstyle provides DIY home decorators with stylish wall decoration that is very affordable.