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Monday, May 31, 2010

Home decoration..... Ideas from interiorinstyle's Gallery of Wall Stickers. Page Two.

No 3 For Special Spaces wall stickers.
No 4 Wallpaper wall stickers.

The interiorinstyle range of wall stickers provides DIY home decorators with a comprehensive range of wall stickers. To help you choose the right wall decals for your home décor, interiorinstyle has grouped their wall stickers into various styles and collections. Through a series of blog articles, interiorinstyle is presenting these wall stickers to DIY decorators who are interested in using interiorinstyle wall stickers for their wall decoration.

Page One in the series, 'Home decoration..... Ideas from interiorinstyle's Gallery of Wall Stickers', we looked at home decorating ideas using;
No 1 Bold and Beautiful wall stickers and
No 2 Wall Mural wall stickers.
To find out how to decorate using colour, follow the links to interiorinstyle's Bold and Beautiful wall stickers and interiorinstyle's Wall Mural, (part one and part two), colour options.

Page Two in the series. Home decoration..... Ideas from interiorinstyle's Gallery of Wall Stickers.
No 3. For Special Spaces wall stickers
interiorinstyle's For Special Spaces wall stickers are similar to the Bold and Beautiful styled wall decals in that they are designed as a single coloured wall sticker. Smaller in size, this style of wall sticker is not such a dominant colour statement. The appeal is in the design, the room choice and placement on the wall.

The Hat Stand comes with a hook so it can be used as a 'hat stand'. The Hat Stand wall sticker is not just good to look at, it is also useful as a scarf, jewellery or hat stand. This wall sticker is great in spaces such as walk in robes, an entry area, and as a space filler. It is even looks good behind a door!
The Mannequin and the Dressed Mannequin are ideal in laundries, sewing rooms, bedrooms, and walk in robes. The Mannequin wall stickers can also be adapted as quaint hanging stands by adding hooks. interiorinstyle Mannequin wall stickers have been purchased by clothing boutiques as store decoration.

No 4. Wallpaper wall stickers
Each interiorinstyle wall sticker Wallpaper kit contains one sheet of wall decal which is designed to look like Wallpaper. Apply to the wall so it resembles a strip of feature Wallpaper. The impact is in the design, colour combinations, size, placement and style created. Wallpaper wall stickers can be placed either horizontally or vertically to suit your space. Wallpaper wall stickers are ideal for above a bed or as a feature in a lounge room.

Wallpaper wall stickers with Style; Baroque Wallpaper, Vogue Wallpaper, Victorian Wallpaper,
Ornamental Wallpaper, Linear Wallpaper.

Wallpaper wall stickers in Retro style; Vibe Retro Dots, Mode Retro Dots.